How To Build An Awesome Man Cave On A Budget

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For most men, it would be great to have their own space in their home where they can hang out with friends, enjoy some beer, and play some games without disturbing their families. In other words, men need a man cave.

Building a man cave, however, may cost a lot of money. Depending on its design’s complexity and features, building a man cave could cost from $5,000 to $20,000.

Fortunately, you can create an incredible man cave without breaking the bank with great and affordable man cave electronics and practical ideas. Follow these steps.

Find A Room In Your Home You Can Convert Into A Man Cave

The location is a crucial decision as it determines the functionality of the space. Some popular choices for a man cave are the garden shed and a stand-alone garage. 

These options are fantastic and allow men the privacy they need. 

However, if you have a tight budget, finding available space in your house is more practical. It costs a lot to transform sheds and garages into livable spaces, especially when they are not connected to utilities.

Converting an existing room in the home is the most affordable way to build a man cave. You won’t have to buy a new heating or air conditioning system and pay for additional utilities.

Another less expensive option is converting an attached garage. Though it costs a little more than converting a spare room, converting an attached garage is more affordable than converting a shed.

Decide On A Concept

The fun part about building a man cave is furnishing it. To do this, consider the hobbies and interests of those using the man cave. 

If they love to socialize and are sports fanatics, adding a couch, a table, and a TV or a projector to watch games is a good idea. If they want a peaceful place to relax and read some books, a comfortable chair, bookshelf, and good lighting are all you need in the man cave.

However, shopping for furniture and finishes may not be plausible now with limited resources. But if you feel like you may become tempted to buy now and regret it later, decide on a concept and make a list of what you want to incorporate in your man cave.

Review your list and determine your non-negotiables. When you have already decided what you should (and could) buy, find good deals online, in local stores, and second-hand stores to get them at lower prices. 

Finally, avoid buying brand names, especially if you will not be using the man cave as your main living space. Instead, look for products that are of acceptable quality. 

Reuse Old Furniture

Purchasing new furniture for your man cave will cost you a lot. So, instead of buying new, try to use items you already have to cut back on expenses.

Repurposing your old items is affordable and eco-friendly. It gives life to your old items. 

For example, you can use an old and broken guitar as decor. You can use your old car seats and transform them into a unique couch. 

If you do not have anything available to repurpose, look around local thrift stores, garage sales, and online marketplaces for cheap furniture you can flip. To further stretch your dollar, find furniture that has a dual purpose. 

For example, look for a tall cabinet you can use as a bar table.

Avoid Overdecorating And Find Creative Storage Solutions

The function of your man cave may be compromised if you fill the room with lots of things. These will make the room cramped, and there won’t be enough room for everyone to walk around.

If you have a small floor area, free up space by utilizing your walls and placing shelves and hooks for storage. Hanging mirrors on the wall can also create the illusion of more space. 

Opt for versatile storage solutions, such as wooden crates. You can place them on the floor or hang them up. 

They can even be stacked together to recreate Buzzfeed’s customizable DIY crate bookshelf. The internet is filled with many of these DIY storage ideas.

Use Affordable Lighting Fixtures

Man caves also need to be adequately illuminated. But when on a tight budget, you may be rethinking hiring an electrician.

Fortunately, there are many affordable lighting fixtures available that are plug-and-play or battery-operated such as puck lights, wall-mounted fixtures, and LED strips. Aside from being cheap, these enhance the aesthetics of the man cave.


A man cave is a room where male family members and their friends do the things they enjoy. According to The Good Men Project, men also need man caves to regulate their emotions. 

Building a man cave does not have to cost a lot. With some creativity and elbow grease, you can give your male family members the space they need to relax and enjoy some time for themselves.