Choosing the Right Neighborhood in Sacramento, CA

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So, you’ve found a perfect job in Sacramento, or you’ve seen the chance to make a fresh new start in the capital of the Golden State. You’re excited to make this new chapter in life memorable, and whether you’re moving with your family or going it alone, you can’t wait to bask in some of California’s most popular activities and adventures. 


But when it’s time to find a new home in Sacramento CA, are you sure you’ve found the right neighborhood to make your dreams come true? 


Below are some of the more popular areas for you to get a better understanding of your choices before taking that exciting next step in your life. 




Midtown is rife with young creatives, artists, and a new wave of inhabitants who love nothing more than eating at award-winning restaurants, shopping at a few trendy clothing outlets, and indulging in some of the Sacramento nightlife. 


While it’s not exactly a raucous and wild wasteland for anyone who lives there, it’s important to understand that there’s a buzzing party scene there in the evenings and a lot of young (but still friendly!) energy to live alongside. 


Elk Grove


Elk Grove is a suburb that many real estate experts have earmarked as a prime area that’s one to watch for the future. This upscale neighborhood is ideally located by parks, rivers, and many marvels of Californian nature. The majority of homes there contain quiet families who earn a very comfortable living. 


Land Park 


Land Park represents one of Sacramento’s more traditional areas, where residents take a lot of pride in being close and knowing one another’s names. 


To keep community spirit alive, the neighborhood puts on a lot of events, meet-ups, and even festivals to welcome newcomers and enjoy the company of their neighbors. 

It’s a wealthy part of the city, with golf courses, nature trails, and trendy cafes abound. 




Pocket is a quiet suburban area of the city that homes many elders and retired Sacramento residents. While it’s not a rule that you need to be retired to live there, it’s an extremely quiet and calm area that provides a wonderful alternative to the antics and noise of downtown. 


In fact, more and more new complexes are being built to accommodate those who are keen on a little peace and quiet in the neighborhood of Pocket. 

Old Sacramento 


Not everyone enjoys living in new homes that have no connection to a city’s history and culture. That’s where the neighborhood of Old Sacramento comes into play.


The area itself serves as a historical landmark honoring the formation of Sacramento and embracing some of the key factors that made the city what it is today. A range of museums, antique shops, bars, and other amenities remain dedicated to the city’s past stories and accomplishments.




Meadowfield is a quiet and safe community that’s part of the Sacramento City Unified School District, providing many top-rated schools to the inhabitants.


Shopping centers, entertainment venues, and classy restaurants make Meadowview a popular place for cost-effective homeowners to find a new home.