When in Rome: Top Tips On Having Fun And Saving Money 

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A vacation to Rome is truly one to remember. The stunning capital city of Italy welcomes thousands of tourists each year. Take a peaceful walk down the cobbled streets, sample the local cuisine in fine-dining restaurants, and seek plenty of sightseeing opportunities. Rome has a lot to offer. However, it can be an expensive trip if you do not put enough thought into planning. This guide will show you how to save money in Rome – without compromising on fun. Let’s get started. 

Visit Museums On A Sunday

Planning your trip to Rome at the right time could save you a lot of money. On the first Sunday of each month, every museum in Rome offers visitors free entry. This is ideal for those who love to soak in the city’s historical nature – while appreciating the stunning architecture. Please note – that most museums do not allow advance booking on these days. So, it is best to get there as early as possible to avoid the long queues. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a fantastic day out, and you won’t have to spend a penny! It is worth researching the museums in Rome to help you plan your day. Choose museums that are in close proximity to one another. The quicker you can get to them, the easier it will be to avoid long queue times. 

Stay Hydrated For Free

When visiting Rome during the peak seasons, you can expect to endure some hot climates. Therefore, if you want to have fun – and avoid dehydration, you will need to stay hydrated. However, you must be aware that purchasing bottled water in tourist areas will cost you money. Instead, take advantage of the free water fountains located around the city. To ensure that the fountain you have spotted has drinkable water, you want to avoid signs that say “non-potabile”. Be aware that most restaurants will not offer tap water. They will insist that you purchase bottles. So, avoid the additional cost by sneaking in your water bottle. There are also apps available to help you find these water fountains as you explore the city. 

Research Local Restaurants 

No vacation to Rome is complete without sampling some of the local delicacies. Italian cuisine has been noted as some of the best in the world, and the fresh pasta and pizzas are enough to make your mouth water. Although it can be a lot of fun sampling Italian food on your trip, it can be costly. If you are enticed by the restaurants in the popular tourist areas, expect to pay a high price point. By travelling further away from the popular areas of Rome, you will be able to find more affordable restaurants. Before you visit, you should research some restaurants if you have a tight budget. If you are looking for a cheap snack, paninis are the ideal lunch and can give you the fuel you need while you explore.  

Avoid Visiting During High Seasons

The height of summer in Rome is packed full of tourists, and the heat skyrockets. If you want to visit Rome and save some money in the process, it is best that you avoid these high seasons. If you plan your visit around the cooler months, you can expect hotels and flights to reduce in price. There are a range of vacations in Rome that you can purchase during these cooler months to save you a lot of money. Some also argue that the trip is more enjoyable as the heat can take its toll during the peak summer months. You will find it a lot easier to explore the city without the sun beating down on you, and there will be fewer tourists around, so it is a total win-win. 

Visit Attractions With Free Entry

Although there are a lot of attractions in Rome that you need to pay for. There are also many free attractions that you can enjoy. Historic sightseeing opportunities like the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps are all free. Many churches here also boast stunning architecture and sculptures that you can admire from the outside. Why not grab some gelato, relax, and take it all in? It is a great way to have fun in Rome without breaking the bank. Various churches in the city also offer free admission. Conduct a quick online search to find out which ones offer this benefit. If you want to visit paying attractions, try booking them in advance to try and save some money rather than paying on the day. 

Avoid Public Transport/Taxis

Rome is a destination that is best seen on foot. Therefore, you should avoid public transport and taxis at all costs. Not only will it save you money, but encouraging yourself to walk will help you stumble across some of the city’s hidden gems. One of the best things about Rome is not worrying about getting lost – it’s all part of the adventure. You will find many picturesque views by wandering down the many cobbled streets. You can also seek an incredible view by walking up Pincian Hill, located above the Piazza del Popola. Here, you can watch an amazing sunset and gain picture opportunities. You can learn more about the history of Pincian Hill by conducting some online research. 

Visit A Local Park

Your vacation to Rome is not complete without a trip to one of the many local parks. Not only are these parks free to enter, but you can soak in some stunning views and unwind. To save money on food, you could also take your own picnic and make a day of it. Research some of the local parks in Rome to find one close to your accommodation. If you are visiting during the warmer months, remember to bring your sun cream as the heat can be harsh. The great thing about these local parks is you can seek some shade under the trees and cool off. It can be the perfect end to a busy day exploring the city. 

Drink Your Coffee Standing Up

This point may sound strange, but it is one that can save you a lot of money throughout your trip. During your vacation to Rome, you will find that many locals like their coffee. If you want to join in and sample the delight of Italian espresso, it is best to stand at the bar. If you sit down in a café, you can expect the price of your bill to rise. If you need a seat after a long day of exploring, make it worthwhile by choosing a café that has a nice view. At least then, the extra money on your bill will be worth it. It is important to note that tourists often favor standing at the bar in an Italian café. Here, you will be able to engage with the locals and soak in the atmosphere. You can now prepare and learn basic Italian using The Intrepid Guide in order to communicate with the locals while sipping a cup of coffee.


So, there we have it. Eight ways to have fun in Rome while saving yourself some money. There is no denying that a vacation in Rome is one to remember. Not only can you soak in some incredible sights, but you can also sample some of the finest Italian cuisines. It’s time to add Rome to your travel list in 2022.