Best Weekend Activities to Do at Home with Your Family

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Weekends are our escape from the long, tiring, and stressful week we’ve been through. However,  we could easily run out of ideas, especially if we’ve been having different weekend activities for so long. So, if you’ve been to the latest concerts in your area or have had picnics in your local parks, it may be time to opt for indoor activities in the following weeks. 

Here are some of the best weekend activities to do at home with your family:

  1. Binge-watch a TV or movie series.

You can start with the classics, like Friends or How I Met Your Mother. But if you have kids at home, we recommend you watch or re-watch Marvel or DC movies in the proper order. Who doesn’t love superheroes, right? TV streaming is one of the best ways to spend your weekend with your loved ones.

You can either do it in your theater room or assemble a mini backyard theater with a projector and screen to make things more fun. If you’re subscribed to one or more streaming services, it’s also great to browse and explore new releases for exciting binge-watching. Just make sure to check the weather forecast for that specific day so that you wouldn’t get soaked in case it pours. 

  1. Bring out the board games.

Board games are a great activity, especially if you have younger kids at home. It can help improve your children’s problem-solving skills while also allowing the whole family to bond and have fun together without screentime. You can even make it a little more challenging by having a prize for the winner of the game night.

  1. Bake a cookie or cake.

Having a sweet fix during the weekend is always good for everyone. You can bake a classic chocolate cookie or do something more fun with it. You can also get your kids to join you, as most kids really like to be involved when it comes to baking or cooking. 

Just make sure to keep the sharp and hot items away from them to prevent accidents. You don’t want to turn a supposed to be enjoyable day into a traumatic day for your child.

  1. Play some games on your gaming console.

Whether you have an Xbox, PS5, or other gaming consoles, it’s always fun to play with your family. You can all unleash your competitive sides while having fun with each other. However, if you’re going to play an online game, it’s best to have a reliable internet service provider so that lags and delays won’t ruin your game night. 

  1. Host a karaoke night.

It’s always fun to sing your hearts out with your family and friends. And you don’t even need to go out to do it. You can easily set up a karaoke night at home with the help of some karaoke apps on your phone or TV.

Just make sure to set up a comfortable area for everyone so that you can all sing and dance comfortably. It would also be best to have some snacks and drinks ready so that everyone can have something to munch on in between songs.

  1. Have a DIY day.

There are numerous DIY ideas you can do with your family, especially if you have kids at home. From tie-dye shirts to no-sew pillows, there are a lot of things you can do together as a family. You can even turn it into a competition to see who can do the best DIY project. To make things more fun, you can also invite your other relatives and neighbors if they’re up for the challenge. 

  1. Clean the house together.

Cleaning is therapeutic, especially if you do it with your family. Your kids can even participate, so you can take this opportunity to teach them how to be more responsible. You can have a cleaning task for each member of the family so that everyone will know what needs to be done. 

And once you’re done, you can all relax and enjoy the clean and clutter-free house. You can also reward everyone for a job well done with a box of pizza and some of their favorite foods.


Spending the weekends with your family is one of the best things ever.  Not only will you get to bond with them, but you can also make lasting memories together. And with the help of technology, there are now more ways than ever to do it. So, keep these fun activities in mind, and give them a try in the following weeks!