How to Outsource Your Life and Free Up Time

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Thanks to the surge of various freelance services in the form of websites and apps, you can outsource any boring or time-consuming task to anyone almost anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and some money or a credit card and you can be outsourcing within minutes. 

The Benefits of Outsourcing 

You can buy a lot of services by outsourcing but the most important thing you are buying is something very precious – time. There are outsourcing services that can do almost anything from shopping and cleaning to dog walking and ironing. You can even pay people to write your partner love poems! This leaves you more time to spend doing whatever you enjoy and are good at. 

How It Works

Most outsourcing services are quite simple to use; all you need to do is download the app or visit the website and choose your preferences with a few clicks. Oftentimes, these services connect you to real people who match the criteria you selected. 

And the best part is, outsourcing does not need to be expensive. So, why not have somebody else do the tasks you dislike and spend the extra time with your family? In this case, money CAN buy happiness. 

Where to outsource too

Many outsource to the Philippines or India with great success. We believe the Caribbean is also one of the best places you can outsource to. In Jamaica alone, there are more than 60 companies that offer call center and outsourcing services, which makes the country a leading BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) location. 

The region offers native language speakers in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch. The workers are service-oriented, highly skilled, well-educated, and easy to train in various industries. 

The Caribbean also has great infrastructure, with consistent and reliable access to utilities like stable telecommunications fiber optic and high-speed Internet. The region also offers up to 30% lower costs and delivers outstanding results. 

In 2010, the outsourcing sector employed more than 45,000 people and a decade later, this number had increased to almost 95,000. The most popular jobs being outsourced to the Caribbean at the moment include transcription services, call center jobs, security services, transportation services, medical and legal facilities. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re outsourcing for your work-related duties you could save on, your taxes depending on your countries tax laws. You may also be able to claim tax benefits for your travel to the destination to meet your team. Makes sense to have your support team in the Caribbean and travel there from time to time. Of course it would be strictly work related (wink, wink)

Outsourcing your daily tasks is no longer a luxury either. If you can afford to spend some money in order to get some extra time, it’s a win. If there’s a certain skill you don’t have and would like support in a cost-effective way, outsourcing can be a great solution. But don’t think that these services function as a magic wand. You do need to invest some time into the person you’re hiring so they understand your requirements.