A Complete Guide To Enrolling In An Assisted Living Community

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An assisted living community is a residential facility where residents receive assistance from trained staff members 24 hours a day. These communities aim to provide care and support to older adults who require some level of supervision or help with daily activities.

Seniors looking to begin the next chapter of their lives should consider enrolling in an assisted living community. This is because such communities ease the burden of daily activities and help the seniors live undisturbed by life issues like paying for utilities or mundane tasks like cleaning.

If seniors feel unsafe or burdened by daily tasks, they should consider moving into an assisted living community. In addition, loneliness can cause mental issues. So, if a senior feels lonely, enroll them into an assisted living community to enjoy a communal setting. Here’s a guide to help you enroll in an assisted living community near me like Mansions Senior Living.

1. Costs

The costs of assisted living communities near me vary depending on many factors. For instance, the size of a facility, the type of services provided, and the number of services you need will determine the monthly amount you pay. However, according to research, the median cost of living in these facilities is $4500 monthly. 

Therefore, it is advisable to consider the initial costs of living in an assisted living community before enrolling. In addition, the location of the facility also affects its costs. So, let your budget guide you before enrolling in an assisted living community.

2. Benefits

  • Assisted living communities near me like Mansions Senior Living enhance the lives of residents by allowing them to live worry-free lives. Once burdens like bill expenses and activities like cooking are eliminated from a senior’s life, they live without worry.
  • They provide intentional and specialized quality care depending on residents’ needs to ensure they live their maximum life.
  • Assisted living communities near me curb loneliness by promoting friendships and connections within the facility, which is great for the residents’ physical and mental health.
  • They provide hands-on help with daily living activities like dressing, cleaning, and laundry with dignity.
  • They also provide security and safety for seniors from harm caused by indulgence in daily activities like driving.

3. Amenities

Assisted living communities near me provide seniors with a wide range of amenities to make their lives easy and enjoyable. They offer amenities like:

  • Fitness and wellness programs
  • Housekeeping services
  • Personal care and assistance with other daily activities
  • Healthy meals
  • Customized care and lifestyle options tailored to meet the needs of the resident
  • Medication management
  • Other amenities like salon and garage services
  • Therapy 

The level of care, however, is based on the help a resident needs with the key daily living activities like feeding, using the restroom, dressing, and more. Assisted living communities near me offer three care levels: lowest care, moderate, and highest care. A facility can customize its services and amenities to provide the necessary care for every resident.


If a senior struggles with cleaning, medication management, cooking, and is always feeling tired, assisted living can greatly help them. Getting someone to handle their daily tasks frees their time and saves them energy to enjoy with friends, families, and hobbies.