Super-Easy Party Decorations on a DIY Budget

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Image source: Pixabay


There are divergent opinions on the state of the American economy, with some experts believing that America is headed for a recession while others believe everything is all good. 


While every American can attest to the increasing cost of living, the high cost of living doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good times like birthdays, achievement milestones, reunions, weddings, and everything else that evokes a party spirit. You only need to ensure that you keep your budget to the minimum possible without draining out all the fun. 


This post highlights some super easy DIY decoration tips that will liven up your party without breaking the bank.

Take It Outdoors

If you have a backyard and are tight on your budget, you may opt to hold your party outdoors instead of indoors. Nature makes for a perfect backdrop that can allow you to keep your decoration budgets minimal. 


With enough seats, a place for your guests to set their drinks, and a little touch of décor, your guests will have a great time without noticing your budget cuts. This option is only possible when the weather is perfect. Otherwise, it can be a huge mess if it rains or temperatures get too high. 


Balloons help add color and are inexpensive. You do not have to go for helium-filled balloons if you don’t have the budget for them. Get packs of latex balloons, blow them yourself, or have friends help you. If your guests are young, choose primary colors, particularly the brightest. 


You will need to tone it down for a more mature crowd and stick with one or two colors. There is a lot you can do with balloons. You could create shapes, hang them from the ceiling or even scatter them on the floor for an indoor party. 

Paper Flowers 

Freshly cut flowers are everyone’s wish for a party. But if you are on a budget, freshly cut flowers may be out of reach, but it doesn’t mean you cannot get a similar ambiance at a lower cost. All you have to do is create paper flowers that can cut your cost many times over. 


There are different styles of creating paper flowers, from seasonal wreaths to elaborate hydrangeas. The only limitation will be your creativity. If you are lost for ideas, you could always check out DIY paper flowers ideas online. 

Create a DIY Photo Booth

While technically not a decoration, photo booths are a great way of adding fun to a party. Hiring one may be inexpensive, but if you’re tight on the budget, create a DIY photo booth for your party. 


Speaking of photos, do not forget to save the memories of your party in photos. Smartphone photos are great, but you may want to go further and have some professional photos which you can later print, especially for events like a wedding party that comes once in a lifetime. 


Wedding photo books are a great way of preserving those memories. So you may want to enlist the services of a wedding photo book creator like Mixbook to have your photo preserved in a way you can share with your guests.

Use Candles to Create an Ambiance

If you are holding an evening party, candles can help add a touch of elegance but at a low cost. Candles are great if you want low-key birthday parties but also go well with any party with an intimate vibe, for example, a wedding after party. 


The arrangement sizes and colors also matter. So you may want to borrow decorative candle ideas from online tutorials. You could also consider scented candles to add spice to the already intimate vibe created by your candles. Also, don’t forget to dim your lights; otherwise, the beauty of your candles may not pop.