Five Frugal Ways to Cut Down on Clutter

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1) Ongoing Garage Sale Boxes

Instead of moving an item around from one room to the next when we aren’t using it anymore, I pitch it in the garage sale boxes and it’s out of our way. This method makes preparing for a garage sale quite simple since I already have a huge head start on collecting stuff to sell.

2) Annual Clutter Elimination

  By doing this on a regular basis, no area of our home ever becomes unmanageable.

3)The No-Pile Rule

So if you don’t start a pile in the first place, you can avoid a lot of disorganization.

4) In the Door, In Its Place

When the mail or other papers come into our home, I go through it right then and there and throw out everything that we don’t have to keep.

5)Avoid Clutter-Collecting Furniture

If there’s no place to collect piles, you are much less apt to make them.