Dating on A Dime – FLOWERS

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PLEASE NOTE: This article is not written by BUDGET SAVVY DIVA – I agree what the posts says.

How does your garden grow? Do you love the one your with? Do you make time for one another? Do you miss the” all about us” time you once had? I do! I have challenged myself to make a change and spend time growing my relationship. The cheap date idea for this week revolves around my husband’s hobby and something I love.

My husband loves the “Bob” store also known as Lowes. It was named Bob’s store by our son who watched way to much Bob The Builders. He often visits to walk around the aisiles. He even dons his steel toe shoes for the occassion. He usually goes once a weekend at least to buy something that is “necessary”. It is fine since he gets a military discount and we each have $20.00 worth of fun money.

I happen to love flowers. I always have. I used to receive them often. I wondered why I no longer receive them. This is where men and women think differently. I asked Mr. Madame Deals, “Why, don’t you buy me flowers anymore?” His response was, “I give you flowers all the time.” This is when I questioned if he has a double life since he is often away for work. Ha? He then went on to explain all the flowers he has planted were to remind me that he loves me every season. Yes, he was saved and very clever and frugal.

I thought wouldn’t it be nice to have a date where we go to the “Bob” store and pick out flowers together, We could plant the flowers or plants near all my others and it would remind me that our love needs to be tended to. I firmly believe “Love” doesn’t just happen and being in a relationship takes effort. I think we are heading out this weekend to get my favorite Hydrangeas to plant. Mr. Madame Deals handles the yard work and making sure all the flowers he has bought me continue to thrive. The least I can do is join him forSuggest tags based on content an adventure at the “Bob” store. I know we will have more than a plant growing we will have a reminder that we worked together to plant something beautiful. I also have a whole new outlook on what the flowers in my garden mean. The moral of the story is you never know unless you ask. Your garden will also grow if you tell your partner your feeling and you address your concerns.




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