MUST READ: Budget Savvy Diva Going To Disneyland + MORE

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Budget Savvy Diva!

Budget Savvy Diva will be spending the rest of the day at Disneyland with the hubby – ( but do not worry I worked extra hard today to make sure posts are coming up every hour on the hour)

The hubby and I have a special sneak peek ( thanks to some Disney connections )  into the BRAND NEW 3D Star Tours – and from what I hear it is pretty amazing! So make sure to check back tomorrow morning for video and tons of photos and review from our experience 🙂


I know – what can be more exciting then a free trip to Disneyland today…. Well Budget Savvy Diva has amazing news…. like need to be sitting news ( no there is no bun in the oven or anything like that) I am hoping to be able to post about it tomorrow or the next day – I am planning on sharing the excitement by hosting some giveaways ♥

All I can say right now is that it is a once in a lifetime experience !