Budget Savvy Diva Needs Your Advice – Please Help

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So I want you to weigh in on what is happening – because I have looked at it at ALL angles and I cannot figure it out.

So y’all know I post LOTS of deals – well I buy many of what I post 🙂 And the toilet paper deal below was no exception

*HOT* Deal on Charmin Toilet Paper – $.19 A Roll SHIPPED! + 2.5% Cash Back! ( DEAL OVER)

I was totally excited about getting this deal because my stockpile for Toilet Paper was running low. Well it was suppose to be delivered on the 11th – but nothing showed up. I was out of the house for a hour or two and thought I missed it. Well nothing came the next day or the next well I contacted Staples yesterday about it – and they talked to the driver who said he delivered it to my door on the 11th ?! They said they delivered it at 2:30 pm – now I do not remember what time I was out but I am sure I was home.  She sent over what address it was sent to – and sure enough it was mine

But Staples is being awesome about it because they are sending another order to me 🙂

Well then last week I got a email from a sponsor stating if I received their product to review and I had not – again they had it marked as delivered.

So what do you think is happening – and what should I do to stop it?!

Have you ever had these problems ??

FYI – I live in an apartment

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  • jennifer pumphrey

    is there anyway you could open a po box…just sayn…I just moved in an apartment and hate to say it but was unsure of delivery…i just started doing all this so i havent received anything yet but am waiting anxiously…so i have a po box…maybe it would be safer for you…

  • Jane Rushing

    Have all deliveries sent to your apartment office. Notify them you have had deliveries go missing so would appreciate having them hold all deliveries for you.

  • lori williams

    Was it supposedly delivered by the postal service or a different carrier? I would definately contact the post master if it’s the postal service or customer service of the company if it’s another carrier.

  • Sandy

    Well I can honestly say at my old address, I came up missing alot of magazines. Also, some of the free item coupons I never received simply because they send a postcard type freebie that had the coupon for the free offer in plain sight. I can understand those. However, currently I work in an office that has an A and B unit but the address is the same except the suite number, I can’t tell you how many times our stuff has been dropped at the B unit, and they signed for it!! from UPS and Fed Ex. They never called to let us know it was there, we just got in the habit of when we were missing something, we would just call them. You can request your packages to be held and you pick them up at UPS or Fed Ex yourself. I’ve done that with cellphones.

  • Angela

    I also live in an apartment and am worried about getting my packages. I usually have them address to the office, so that there is always someone there. Luckily for me my husband works for our apartment complex, so it is easy for him to pick them up for me. If I were you I would speak to your apartment’s office staff to see if you can have your large packages delivered to them. If they say no I would buy a post office box. I know it can be expensive and a pain, but that will ensure you receive all of your mail. If it is coming FedEx or UPS request signature required. It is ususally 50 cents more, but well worth the piece of mind.

  • Beth

    Does your apartment have an office on site, and if so do they accept packages for people? This would let you know if a neighbor is taking packages, if you start getting all packages. If still not getting all packages, then it could be the courier.

  • Dianne

    I think Jane’s suggestion should work in light of the situation. You don’t know if a neighbor is taking your stuff or if the driver is taking the stuff. That really sucks.

  • Karen Lupinek

    I would set up a webcam at your door when something suppose to be delivered and see what happens. Is it the same delivery company? I am thinking you have a thief that lives around you. Is there anyone new to the apartment building since this hasn’t happened before I would start there. But I would set up a camera if you can.

  • Elisa Palermo

    It sounds like someone is “watching” Budget Savvy Divas mail!! Not a good thing…. I have a neighbor that knows i coupon and “stockpile” and i have many items not show up at my door or in the mail…………. So I talked with my “drivers” (ups/ fedex etc..) and the mail man and all mail is to be signed for (except for my reg mail) But if i am not home to recive the package…. it is not left. It was a bit of an inconvince at first, but in the long run I am so happy now its done this way… for my sake and the stores sake! :0) Good Luck!!!

  • Mavis

    The driver may be leaving it at the wrong apartment. I would try to catch them the next time they are there and make yourself known!

  • Sandy

    Sad thing is it’s getting close to Christmas and I think a lot of theft will occur with packages left outside homes. I mean they are stealing pecans where we live so it’s getting pretty bad.

  • Jennifer Dawson

    I agree with Jane. Ask the apartment manager or rental office to accept the deliveries. It is sad to think that a neighbor would help themselves to your items, but it can happen. You could leave a note on your door for the delivery companies instructing them to leave all packages in the office for you.

  • Priscilla

    I used to live in an apartment and sometimes they would take the packages to the office. It was completely random, and it was with ALL different delivery methods. I’m assuming that some of the drivers just preferred to take it to the office and some just didn’t care if they left it on the doorstep? I would definitely check with your apartment office though, and if you notice that it’s the same delivery service, I would call them and inquire.

  • Holly Thomas

    There are alot of questions on this one, is it the regular driver,would your neighbors give it to you if they received it by mistake,or the worst possible scenario is could they have been stolen,

  • Jodi

    I too would have them delivered to the office, if that’s possible. And I agree with the signature, though that might not help if someone’s stealing the deliveries, as they’ll just sign the name seen on the package, though usually the physical signature is shown, so you can at least tell them it wasn’t really you who signed.

  • susan

    pay a little extra for the signature. Also, you need to file complaint with this company. You never know if this particular person has a history of missing packages, or if your neighbors really needed the extra t.p. Either way a sig. will take care of it.
    hope this works out for you.

  • Katie

    Have you checked with your Rental office to see if the package was delivered there? In my old apartment, most of our packages would get sent to our apartment directly, but on occassion, for whatever reason, some of them ended up in our rental office. AND the rental office never called to tell us. If that’s not what’s happening. I’d get the PO Box.

    • Jen

      In response to your apartment office not notifying you of a delivery there, I was an apartment manager and accepted deliveries for my residents. The UPS or FedEx guys would leave notes on the individual apartment door if they tried and no one answered the door. Sometimes I would get as many as 15 per day and assumed that if it was not addressed c/o our office that a note was left for the resident. If you want to make sure you get the package make sure you add the c/o the complex to the address so that they know they should notify you that the package was delivered and give them a call to let them know you are sending packages there because of missing deliveries. I know I was happy to assist my residents any way I could. That should solve your problem.

  • Amanda

    Find out which delivery service used (regular mail, UPS, Fedex, etc) and call them and explain what is going on. They may already be aware of the issue if others have also called.

  • Jen

    I would definitely contact all the carriers and let them know. Then I would look for a deal on a security camera. Catch the crooks red handed!

  • Cressa Moran

    UPS won’t deliver to a PO box. I would request that someone have to sign for it. I haven’t had anything taken from ups but have on several occasions from USPS.

  • Beth Bird

    Someone is stealing your stuff – Plain and simple! Can you video record it? Talk to the apartment manager about it!

  • Evie

    Sounds like someone is graciously receiving your order for you… and keeping it for themselves.

    Now, if the address you have on there clearly marks your apartment number and you are pretty sure you were home, you might want to look into the delivery person…

  • stephanie

    I too live in an apt, my office has package receiving if im not home. I also leave a notice on my door for no packages to be left outside. I had a problem with my fedex guy because he didnt leave a notice and usually packages were just left outside. I complained three times on twitter and he hasn’t done it in months. Most businesses have people on social media who will help you.

  • Morgan

    I too, live in an apartment. They wont even chance bringing stuff to my door. Unless it is something like free boxes from the Post Office. Everything else gets dropped off at the office. I guess they are just busy around here, and dont want to bring stuff to the doors, my complex is huge! Ask your office if they will start holding all packages because you are having things stolen. I would assume they would take it very seriously.

  • Allison

    I would try to require a signature for all deliveries and also try to get to know your delivery drivers/mail person and let them know you’re having problems.

  • Dave

    Camera’s…if someone is stealing packages they need to go to jail. Likewise, if some delivery employees are lying they should be exposed too.

  • allie amrine

    i’ve only had one problem with a package i thought was not delivered but turns out they put it in a garbage bag and threw it onto the patio. i also live in an apartment and am afraid greedy neighbors may catch on to the goodies i have sitting on my doorstep. i would talk to the delivery person directly and work something out to either be there to receive it or not drop the package and leave

  • Katie Moon

    I live in an apartment and work for the apartment building also. What I would start doing is asking for a signature on everything that you order. That way you and, if you have a spouse have to sign for anything that you get. The other thing is to have them deliver to the office. That is if the office will let you do that. I know that some of them will. Contact who you are supposed to about the product and let them know that you have not received anything as of yet. Just to let you know also that the driver might have taken it too. The driver might have been out of toilet paper!

    Thank You
    Katie Moon

  • abby p

    ? is your mail that is missing coming from the usps. they have been terrible here latley in the last month i have recieved much of my mail damaged been in others mail boxes had one package that sat in their post office for three days saying it was out for delivery finally had to call them stir up a bunch of crap as i was recieving a birthday present and it was fragile and when i finally recieved it it was shattered luckily my sister put insurance on it. the best i can tell you is if it is with the usps call 1800askusps and file a complaint your post master is suppose to contact you then within 48 to 72 hours and it usually the problems get fix fast that way because they don’t want to end up having bad complaints as it affects their branch and causes them to get bad reviews which afffects there pay. hope this helps 🙂

  • Lisa S

    Call whomever the carrier was and report that you have people stealing your packages and from now on, they are NOT to leave anything at your door if you don’t answer. I know UPS will do this for you if you ask.

    Personally, I’d also call the police and report it each time. If it’s a neighbor or even the delivery person, they will realize that you mean business and you’re not just going to lay down and let them steal your stuff.

    We just moved to an apt. and I wasn’t sure how deliveries would work, so I have everything sent to my fiance’s office. Someone is ALWAYS there to accept the package and after working there for 14 years, he knows he can trust them. Is there someone you know and trust who works nearby and can accept packages during the day for you?

    You can also buy “fake” cameras and pretend to install them. Make it take about 2 hours of going in and out of the house to “check things” and make adjustments. Get up on a ladder and everything. Make people think that you installed a security system. You can even buy fake “Protected by ADT” type of stickers and signs even if you don’t have the service.

    Or….. just mail it all to me. 😉