Best Buy Cancels Orders Before Christmas ( Including Budget Savvy Diva’s Order) Issues Apology Credits

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Best Buy announced that, due to overwhelming demand, it has had to cancel numerous online orders this month, including some that were placed as far back as Black Friday. Have any of you had issues with your Best Buy purchases? And has it affected your holiday shopping game plan?

Well I was one of the people’s who orders were cancelled ๐Ÿ™ It was a Wii Game for the hubby that I snagged from $4.99 – I did a post about the deal

Metroid: Other M โ€“ Nintendo Wii ONLY $4.99 SHIPPED + 3% Cash Back!

I received a email about a week ago that it was cancelled – am I upset… I guess a little but when you are dealing with hot deals such as this I always feel like you have a 50/50 chance of receiving the product.

It just means there is one less present under the tree for Mr. Savvy ๐Ÿ™ย  I did receive a $5 Best Buy Gift Card in a email this morning as an apology though ๐Ÿ™‚


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  • Terri

    It does suck but at least the offered something in return other than an “your order was cancled” email. I have recieved several this year and that is all I have recieved—an emailing stating it was cancled and nothing more, nothing less. It has aggrivated me to the point that I will no longer shop with those stores, period! If they had at least said they were sorry, maybe, or even offered something in return for having to cancel my order, maybe, but nothing more than an “your order was cancled” email with no true explanation and I now have a bad taste for those specific companies and won’t shop with them anymore. Customer service has become crap in this country and believe it or not there are other stores I can shop at instead.

  • Candy

    I thankfully, have received everything I ordered online. It did take some time though. I ordered some things from Best Buys Black Friday sale and just received the last item about a week ago. All in all it, has been a very pleasant experience. I am glad Best Buy did the right thing and sent the giftcard as an apology. Most stores would not even apologize! I have had some very unpleasant dealings with Best Buy in the past….. But it looks like they have redeemed themselves ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lisa S

    They didn’t cancel my order, but I live in Ct. and sent part of my order to Florida! It’s part of my son’s Christmas presents, it took me four days to get thru after being on hold for over 40 minutes each time. Finally, yesterday, they reshipped it overnight, we will see if I get it Saturday, if I don’t, I will never shop with them again!

  • Candace

    This happend to me as well. I had ordered a movie for my daughter from my Dad and Stepmom for Christmas. I received an email that they were cancelling my order so I called to see if there was another movie they would substitute. They lowered the whole collection that had the one movie in it that I ordered from $29.99 to $5.99 and had it shipped so it would be there in time for Christmas. I also received the $5 credit from them. Their Customer Service representative was super nice and very helpful. If the item had been eligible for store pick up I would have been able to do that instead of shipping. You should call them and see if there is anything they can do and have it picked up in store.