Air Travel Dos and Don’ts

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white plane at airport waiting for departure

For those of you who travel a lot like I do, I sure appreciate it when my fellow travelers are like me and just want to get to where I’m going with as little stress as possible. There are certain guidelines you can follow to ensure your trip, and the trip of those traveling with you, is the best it can possibly be.

One Carry On Means One Carry On

How often do you stand in line to board the plane with your one, normal sized carry on, and you see fellow travelers with one bag, one purse, a shopping bag over flowing with gifts for the kids, etc. Where is all that going to go once they get on the plane? It likely will take up space you need for your one carry on. One means one!

Don’t Be a Chatterbox

If you love to chat on the plane, you probably love the fact that the chatterbox sits next to you. The majority of us do NOT love to chat on the plane. We brought a book to read or some work to catch up on. Or we really just need a nap. So be polite. Say hi. And then keep the chit chat to yourself.

No Back Seat Grabbing

How many of you have been woken from a somewhat peaceful sleep on the plane when the person behind you gets out of their seat and uses the back of yours to help themselves up? Keep your hands off the seat in front of you people!

Don’t Be the Late One

For those of you who arrive late for the flight, the rest of us arrived well before our boarding time to ensure we were in our seats when the plane was scheduled to take off. So please be mindful and get to the gate on time (which means early).

Mind Your Personal Space

One of my biggest pet peeves on the air plane is when my neighbor encroaches on my already too small area. Like my seat is any bigger than theirs and I want to share. Be mindful of your neighbors and keep all of your body parts, and your stuff, in your designated area.

There are more but you get the point. Common courtesy goes a long way when we all have to travel together. So let’s work together to make the stress of traveling a little less stressful.