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Samsung Mobile Gear VR

Memorial Day weekend is behind us and The Fourth of July is still up ahead.  It’s the season for barbeque, fresh cut grass, and those whirring and grinding sounds emanating from the open garage.  The guy behind it?  Dad (or your hubby).  It seems like this time of year is when Dads bring their A game.  Is it a coincidence that Fathers’ Day is just around the corner and they just so happen to need that one tool to do that one job?  Maybe it’s more of a toy to help him unwind.  Maybe he’ll try to convince you it’s both.

If he’s into tech, or if he just likes to experience fresh entertainment via movies, games, or interactive content, you may already be heading directly to Best Buy, or shopping online at  There, you are sure to find the Samsung Gear VR which could be the coolest thing you could get him this year.  It could also be free!  The Gear VR is a very comfortable, very portable Virtual reality headset from Oculus that comes with a huge variety of entertainment options.  Picture moving through a forest and experiencing a connection with a realistic Apatosaurus, courtesy of Jurassic World, or an intense 360 gaming experience that really puts him in the middle of the action.  The Gear VR lets you watch movies on Netflix in your own private cinema, socialize like never before and experience various corners of the world from the comfort of a desk chair or couch.

Samsung Mobile June

The way it works is you just open, pop in your Samsung phone and replace the cover.  It has a convenient and easy to use touch pad built in, though You’ll want headphones and a wireless remote for the best experience.  You strap on the headgear with new padded design for extra comfort and immerse yourself in virtual reality, all through your Samsung smart phone!

If you don’t have a Samsung phone yet, there are plenty of reasons to get one.  One of which is that from 6/5-6/18 if you buy/lease and activate a qualifying Samsung phone at Best Buy you will get the Gear VR thrown in for free as well as $50 worth of virtual reality content.  You can find this offer at best buy stores or here

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.