Creating a Cozy Nursery for Baby #6 on a Budget

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Creating a nursery for baby number six in a house with limited rooms took some creative thinking. With just four bedrooms—master, girls’, boys’, and my office—I wanted the baby to have a special space. The solution? A cozy nook in my office proved to be perfect.

Now, before you wonder about the bassinet blocking a door, it’s actually a bathroom door. There’s a quirky setup with two doors, and I’ve always preferred the main hallway entrance. The bassinet itself is a trusty companion from seven years back, a steal at $40 from Amazon. It’s been through every kid, offering comfort and familiarity.

To make room, I cleared out my closet, creating a baby-sized haven with essentials nearby. The glider, another relic from the past, holds sentimental value as it’s been there for the twins and every other child. Everything’s conveniently placed beside my desk area.

In a corner, unseen in the photo, lies a chest of drawers housing diapers and tiny outfits. Here’s the kicker—the total cost of this nursery? A grand total of $0. I repurposed what I had, giving the baby a snug space without breaking the bank. It’s proof that sometimes, the best nursery isn’t about splurging on new things, but about creating a cozy haven with what’s already there.