Embracing the 36-Week Milestone and Nesting Preparations

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Entering the 36-week mark feels like embracing the term “huge” in every sense. It’s a mix of excitement and a growing awareness of the imminent arrival. Those contractions? They’ve been steadily picking up, bringing with them a noticeable surge of pressure. It’s like a sign that things are gearing up for the big day.

Recent check-ups revealed I’m 50% effaced, with the cervix showing promising signs of softening and preparing for what’s to come. Since then, the pressure has intensified, signaling that my body is diligently prepping for labor.

In preparation, I’ve started packing the hospital bag—essentials for both myself and the baby. Plus, I’ve stocked up on snacks because, let’s face it, hunger strikes at the most unexpected times, especially when the hospital kitchen takes a considerable break each day.

The anticipation is real; I can’t help but feel overwhelmingly eager to finally meet this little guy. There’s a gut feeling that he might take after his older sibling, Lachlan. It’s a thrilling thought, imagining his tiny face and wondering about all the unique traits he will have.

These last few weeks are a mix of readiness and sweet anticipation, a time of preparation mingled with the wonder of what’s to come.