I Have Preeclampsia

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Boy, the last few weeks have been BUMPY!

I am sure many of you know with the twins I developed severe preeclampsia quickly around 35 weeks and had to deliver right away which left Lawson in the NICU for a couple of weeks because he was not ready. It was a very hard time for me as a first-time mom and really scared me on the possibility of it happening again.

What is Preeclampsia “Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, most often the liver and kidneys. Left untreated, preeclampsia can lead to serious — even fatal — complications for both you and your baby. If you have preeclampsia, the most effective treatment is the delivery of your baby.”

I did a little research and what I understood is that because it was multiples is why I developed preeclampsia. The chance of developing the condition again was about 10%. At 32 weeks I went to my OB appointment and my blood pressure ( which was 117/72 two-weeks prior) was 153/100. My OB told me I had to go to the hospital right away ( good thing Eric was with me). We went to the hospital and my blood pressure though not ideal went down a bit over time and I went home.

For the last month, I have been holding my breath as my blood pressure has been climbing slowly, the protein in my urine ( which tells the doctors how my kidneys are doing) is increasing, the swelling has been increasing quickly. I am determined to keep this little boy in me as long as possible since we are only at 36 weeks. However, after not a great ultrasound ( preeclampsia affects the placenta which can affect the baby in growth) – I am not too sure how much longer we can last.

We would love some positive thoughts 🙂 I am really hoping to make it 2 more weeks to 38 weeks.