6 Essential Costco Price Codes for Savvy Shoppers

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  1. Regular Prices (Ending in .99): Items with prices ending in .99 represent regular, everyday prices. While not discounted, these prices showcase Costco’s standard pricing for various products.
  2. Manager’s Specials (Ending in .97): Keep an eye out for prices ending in .97. These indicate a manager’s special or a clearance item. They might signify overstock or items marked down for various reasons, offering substantial discounts.
  3. Price Reductions (Ending in .88 or .00): Costco uses prices ending in .88 or .00 to denote a manufacturer’s discount or a special deal. These are often temporary price reductions or discounts offered by Costco itself.
  4. Product Discontinuation (Ending in .00): A price ending in .00 signifies a product Costco might be discontinuing. It could be your last chance to grab that item, so if it’s a staple, consider stocking up.
  5. Limited-Time Offers (Ending in .79): Prices ending in .79 indicate limited-time deals or specially negotiated prices with suppliers. These can include promotional discounts or seasonal offers.
  6. Members-Only Savings (Ending in .89): Costco’s members-only savings are often reflected in prices ending in .89. These exclusive discounts are available solely to Costco members, offering added value to your membership.

Understanding these price codes empowers Costco shoppers to make informed decisions, allowing them to distinguish between regular prices, clearance items, temporary discounts, and exclusive member savings. By familiarizing yourself with these nuances, you can strategically plan your purchases, capitalize on deals, and optimize your Costco shopping experience.

Remember, while these price codes offer insights, always assess the value and necessity of the product before making a purchase. By coupling this knowledge with prudent shopping habits, you can harness Costco’s pricing strategies to maximize savings without compromising quality.