Tips for Increased Energy After Work

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Most of us have at some point felt tired even before the work day has ended. Whether you didn’t get enough sleep, or stress is making you feel more exhausted than normal, it might be all you can think of is getting home and crawling into bed.

If you have ever wished you had more energy after a long day at work to actually get out and enjoy a night out, check out these great tips to break the cycle of work day fatigue.

Eat the Right Food

While many people are at work, a quick snack from the vending machine is the best meal we get all day. But most of the food you get from there is making your energy levels worse. That short burst from the sugar will only get you so far. Instead have food on hand like fruits and vegetables and things high in protein. These foods release energy a lot slower allowing you to use it throughout the day if eaten throughout the day.

Get to Bed Early

If you have a hard time settling down to bed early enough to get a full night’s sleep, try spending the last hour before your desired bedtime doing activities that will help you fall asleep. Read a book or take a bath. Or maybe snuggle under the covers and watch some TV (but nothing too addicting that will keep you up all night!).

Don’t Ignore the Need for Exercise

When you are tired it may seem like the last thing you want to do is something physical, but for the most of us the only thing that gets a work out all day is your brain. The rest of you sits in a chair with little to no movement. You will find that once you get up and start moving around your body will feel so much better.

Grab a Cat Nap

For those days when you really haven’t been getting good sleep at night, a short nap will do wonders for getting you caught up on sleep. Try to aim for about 20-30 minutes of sleep during the day. Any more than that can tend to make things worse.