What Do You Do For “Me Time”

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Real Simple® and InStyle®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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A lot of people think I cook constantly. The truth is I spend just as much time cleaning. Of course I blog too and answer to Watson’s every beck and call. I do these things because I love them. Well, the cleaning part I do because I like cleanliness, not because I get some kind of sick pleasure from the smell of ammonia.

Between the things that have to get done every day and the time I spend with my husband when he comes home there are a few fleeting but precious moments of “me time.” I have to use this time wisely, because “me time” can be wasted. I could stream something on TV and space out and then the moment is gone. Worse, I could sift through endless options never finding what I want. No thank you. I prefer the low tech way to unwind and recharge. I turn off all the electronics and sit in my comfy sofa a recent issue of InStyle, or Real Simple.

While I was doing my shopping at Safeway, I decided to pick up the newest Real Simple and Instyle issue. They were easy to find at the checkout.

One DIY I have found to give me relaxation is making succulent planters. They take only a few minutes to put together


All you need are small containers (I even use antique tea cups), potting soil, and succulents.

Teacup 3

Add small amount of soil into the container then add the plant and you are done. I love succulents because they are pretty and you need to only water them every 10 days or so.


There is something special about flipping through a magazine and gleaning nuggets of advice and tips about style and beauty. I like the interviews because they feel personal and not trashy. I like the way everything is packaged in one of these magazines because I don’t get information overload or get lost in a sea of links.


My favorite thing about taking a break from the monitor and housework for my “me time” is that I get a chance to pause and take in new inspiration for the day or the week or the month. The things I read are like food, they nourish me and give me energy to tackle the rest of the day. I love these magazines because they are comprehensive lifestyle guides that challenge and educate me on topics I’m drawn to, so that When I put it down, I am more informed than I was before and I have new tools and ideas for bringing more creativity into my work and home.

You can visit your local Safeway and get $1 off PEOPLE®, Real Simple®, InStyle®, CookingLight® or Sunset® through JUST FOR U .

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PEOPLE®, Real Simple®, InStyle®, CookingLight® and Sunset®. The opinions and text are all mine.