Pet Costs That Take you by Surprise

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Smiling casual female with her brown pitbull dog in a park.

For those of you who don’t know, I have a very special cat named Watson. If you have a pet you know that they can cost you money. Sometimes the costs are things you expect, like food, toys, treats, etc. Other times the money you have spend takes you by surprise. Below are some of the ones you may not expect, but should consider before bringing home a new furry friend.

Replacement Cost for Damaged Items

Whether you now are short one pair of shoes that your new puppy chewed up, or your rug has gotten peed on one too many time, replacing things that your pet damages can be a cost that you were not expecting. For some this cost is greater than others.

Extra Money Spent During Your Vacation

Some people love to travel with their pets, and that alone can cost you extra money for air travel or the right hotel that allows. Other people like to board their pet or leave them home when they travel. You need to consider the cost of having someone watch your pet while you are gone.

Larger Than Expected Vet Bills

Many people expect vet bills for vaccinations and minor things. And they always tell themselves I would never spend thousands of dollars on a sick pet. But once you bring that pet home and they become part of the family, if they become sick or injured, you will find there isn’t a dollar limit on making them better.

Money Spent Spoiling Your Pet

If you bring a new pet home, you may tell yourself that you won’t buy them special treats or toys. That would be spoiling them right? Well once you or your kids fall in love with that furry friend, you will find you spend a lot more on those extra things than you expected.