Tips to Slow Down and Unwind

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Most of us today are running so fast through life, it seems almost impossible to just slow down and calm down. The stress of our everyday lives can seem overwhelming at times. Here are some tips to help you slow down and reduce anxiety to enjoy life a little more.

Reduce Information Intake

We are being bombarded with so much these days. Emails, text messages, Facebook messages – it can all get to be too much at times. If possible, turn off the notifications to some or all of these apps to reduce the number of distractions during the day. Take time periodically to check each one instead of constantly being reminded of all the information you are being sent. Even better, allow yourself a period of time each day where you put your phone away and don’t even look at it. Crazy, I know. But it is a great way to disconnect for a bit and unwind.

Assess Your Workload

Check in at work and determine if all the extra work you put in is necessary. Can you delegate some things to take some of the workload off yourself? Look for ways you can cut back on your hours if overtime is cutting into your personal time on a regular basis.

Just Say No

When your days are jam packed, it’s ok to say no to the next request that comes in. Saying yes to everyone that needs something from you will not feel as good if it leaves you run down and overwhelmed.

Schedule Some Time for Yourself

This one is hard to do but so important. Be sure to schedule yourself some time to unwind every week or as often as you can. Whether it is a massage, a long walk or just a couple hours to read or do some adult coloring.

Take some time to figure out what exactly is making you feel overwhelmed and anxious and try to do something about that. Is it your job? A friend with too much drama? Whatever it is it might be best to reassess what is important.