I Paid $24 For All Of This

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I wanted to share a small diaper haul that I scored over the weekend. We are in week 23 with twins – their revised due date ( because they are twins) is 3 months TOMORROW. The pressure is on to get ready. I have been since finding out I am pregnant is to stockpile diapers ( crossing my fingers that my kids due not have issues with the diapers I am buying). It is either snagging really great deals with the risk of some of them not working or waiting until they are here and seeing what works and paying more. I am going with the first option and hoping for the best.

So here is the deal. Above is $50 worth of diapers and wipes and I snagged it all for $24!

I went to Fred Meyers ( It is a Kroger Store) – with 5 printable coupons

Luvs, 2 Huggie Diappers, and 2 for Huggie Wipes

PLUS at Fred Meyers there was a promotion – $40 worth of baby purchase you get $10 credit for your next visit.

$50 worth of items – $9.50 of coupons = $40.50 Cost – $10 credit = $30.50 PLUS when we went through check out we got $6 worth of credit for all our other purchases ( it was a big shopping trip) = $24.50 out of pocket.