What a Vegetable Garden Really Needs

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Whether you have been trying to make a garden work unsuccessfully, or you are considering starting a garden for the first time, keep in mind the four things a vegetable garden really needs. This is all you need to make your successful this year.


If there is one thing plants need a lot of, it is sun. This is also the thing you can control the least. So before you plant your garden, be sure to scope out the area of your yard that gets the most sunlight each day. Most plants need about 8 hours of sunlight each day so pick an area that doesn’t see a lot of shade during the day.


All plants need water, especially when they are new seeds, as the seeds need water to germinate. If you get a lot of rain where you live, you may not need to water your garden as much or at all than an area that gets very little rain. If you do get some rain, a great way to save money is to collect rain water in large containers to use on the less rainy weeks.


Great soil is one of the most important for growing great vegetables because all of the nutrients a vegetable plant gets while growing comes from the soil. To get the right kind of soil, it may be necessary to mix store bought nutrient-rich ingredients into your soil. Or to save money, you can easily make your own from dead leaves, grass clippings and other things you likely already have around your yard.

You may want to consider getting your soil’s pH level tested. Most plants will do best when the soil is neutral vs too acidic or too alkaline.


You can’t have a plant without a seed. Some people like to start their plants from the seed, whereas others buy already sprouted plants to put directly into their garden. If you start from a seed you will need to decide if you want to start planting them indoors, or wait until your soil is ready for seed growth.