How glasses can improve and protect your vision

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There are a lot of misconceptions around wearing glasses, with some people insisting that corrective lenses can worsen your eyesight or make your eyes “lazy.” However, in addition to helping those of us with poor vision see, there are some ways in which wearing glasses can actually enhance your vision. Not only can your glasses be a fashionable accessory (I’m currently obsessed with this range of wooden eyeglasses at EyeBuyDirect) but if you pick the right ones, they can help protect and improve your vision.

I can see clearly now

We will begin with the obvious benefit of wearing glasses – they can help correct poor vision (whilst wearing them). Your eyesight is dependent on the shape of the cornea, as if the curve isn’t quite right then it can prevent you from refracting light at the correct level. This means that the image you’re looking at might be focused too far back on your retina, causing far-sightedness or too far forward causing near-sightedness. If you are trying to find a great deal make sure to check out contact lenses UK site.

The way that glasses work is that the lens will either magnify the field of vision to help a wearer better focus of things close up, thus bringing the image forward that would otherwise be too far back on your retina. Near-sightedness is corrected the opposite way which is why some people’s glasses seem to be like magnifying glasses, whereas others appear to make objects look smaller – this is the difference between the two types of vision correction. It is as simple as this, people with poor vision need glasses to see clearly. The wearing of corrective lenses does not make your eyes lazy or worse, they do not affect the shape of your cornea and only serve to help support the function of your eyes where it is necessary.

Reduce eye strain

There are many people who do not have 20/20 vision and yet do not wear glasses. If your eyesight is only mildly affected then you can likely get by without having to wear a corrective lens, except possibly for reading or driving. However, it is advisable to wear your glasses or contact lenses as often as possible in order to prevent eye strain. Your eyes will naturally work hard to try and focus on things and if your vision is poor then your eyes will be working even harder to try and see things clearly – this can become uncomfortable, and symptoms of eye strain include tiredness, itchy eyes, headaches and increased sensitivity to light. Wearing glasses can help give your eyes a break and make their job much easier.

Protect your eyes from harmful light

You have likely seen the recent heightened popularity in blue light glasses – lenses that help filter out the harmful digital blue light that is given off by computer and phone screens. You now get blue light filtering lenses from most opticians to been worn when looking at a screen for long periods of time. In an age when we are almost always looking at a screen, it pays to protect our eyes from any ill effects this may have on them.