3 Ways to Brighten Up your Day with a Morning Shower

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How often do you actually look forward to the shower you take before work each day? More often than not, we slam our hands onto our phones when the alarm goes off, throw ourselves out of the covers, and force ourselves to stand yawning under the flow of extra hot water. Although this might serve the purpose of getting you clean, it’s not exactly going to give you the energy boost you need. Alternatively, if you use your shower correctly, it can be an excellent way to get you in the right mood for the rest of your day. There is something to be said for comfort leading to productivity and a morning rinse certainly fits the bill. Those few minutes you spend getting yourself clean and ready for action can make a huge difference to your routine with these three simple changes.

Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

First and foremost, look after your hair. A bad hair day can set anyone off on the wrong foot. You’re going to feel much happier about yourself and your day if you think your locks look great. With that in mind, look into the right shampoo and conditioner for the kind of hair you have. For instance, if you tend to suffer with dry hair and a flaky scalp, a natural shampoo and conditioner targeting these issues will work wonders. You can start by using natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar to refresh your scalp and strengthen your hair, so you’re less likely to have dryness and breakage. After that, apply a conditioner with avocado or coconut oil for the perfect moisture boost. 

Choose a Good Body Wash

Once you’ve mastered your shampoo, the next natural step is clearly the body wash. A great body wash for your morning shower should be something with reviving, bright scents, like citrus and mint. Anything that’s going to wake up your mind and enrich your senses is a great option here. If you can, look for a body wash with its own exfoliation crystals in. Exfoliating away some of the dead skin that can gather and the sweat that dries on your epidermis overnight can help you feel more refreshed. Make sure you get all of your body clean with your wash too, from head to toe. 

Turn Up the Tunes

Finally, showers are always better when you have something to sing along to. Provided you’re not going to wake up the rest of the household at an ungodly hour, a shower could be the perfect time to turn up some tunes and get yourself into a good mood. You can either listen to a radio station you like or consider mixing up your own playlist. Just as you have certain songs that invigorate you when you go to the gym, or out for an afternoon run, you can also have songs in your playlist that help you to prepare for the day ahead. Choose positive tunes whenever possible, and stay away from anything dark and depressing. By the time you’ve finished singing along to your favorite anthems, you should be crystal clean and ready for a day where you achieve all your goals.