How To Clean and Maintain an Electric Skateboard

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Electric skateboards have been widely used in this present time, most especially by young adults. Aside from using it for recreational purposes, it has also been utilized as another mode of transportation. Without a doubt, electric skateboards do provide efficiency and convenience when used for traversing as through this you can really avoid being stuck in traffic jams.

However, in order to keep its quality at its finest, you, as a user, should provide an effort when it comes to cleaning and maintaining it. By doing so, the durability and lifespan and its individual parts are increasing instead of deteriorating. Thus, if you have one, here’s how you can clean and maintain your electric skateboard.

  1. Clean your skateboard after every ride. 

This is pretty obvious. Of course, after every ride, your electric skateboard will accumulate dust, water, or dirt since they have been used on roads. In order to prevent those particles and substances from penetrating your electric skateboard’s components, immediately clean it using a slightly damp cloth after every use. Once done, wipe the skateboard with a dry cloth for polishing. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep your skateboard clean and in perfect condition.

  1. Check and change motors. 

As a part of maintenance, you’ll really have to do regular checkups to ensure the health of your electric skateboard’s motor, as it is one of the main components that enable your skateboard to function. Sometimes, you may need to repair or replace the motor if you’re having problems such as excessive noise or speed wobble.

But suppose you’re looking to build an electric skateboard. In that case, there are good electric skateboard kits available in the market that allow you to convert an existing longboard or skateboard into an electric unit.

  1. Use maintenance oils. 

This one is applicable when maintaining the bearings of your electric skateboard. Regular bearings check-up is essential because you’ll need to ensure that there is no water inside the wheel’s bearings. It’s what affects the performance of the wheels, and it’s one reason for scraping noises. So, if you don’t want to spend more on replacing your bearing, it would be more cost-efficient if you purchase and use maintenance oil to ensure your bearings last for a long time.

  1. Recharge the batteries once every month even when not in use. 

Leaving the batteries of your electric skateboard drain may affect its overall performance. There are possible instances that it may not work at all. So, even though you’re not using your electric skateboards for a long time, it would be best to keep its batteries recharged to avoid damages or future issues.

Final Words

There are more steps and ways that are need to be considered to keep your electric skateboard in pristine condition. What’s mentioned above are the major ones that you should include in your priority list. Cleaning and maintaining your device through those tips are sure ways to enable your electric skateboard to last for a long time in a perfect state.