Features of a Good Family House

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Are you looking to buy, rent, or build a home? Creating those memorable moments requires a suitable space. A family house is more than a dwelling place. Apart from being the main backdrop, it is a space you want the family to feel safe and comfortable, a worthy home. This emphasizes the need to employ due diligence as you jot down the must-have features of a good family house. The good news is that you have enough resources to inform your search. With services like Hauzisha.co.ke, you’ll learn a lot from the average prices, best locations, amenities, and features, which can help your decision-making process. Among the top consideration to help you narrow down the best features and land on a dream family house includes:


The kitchen is the heart of any family house. It is the most frequented space in the home, requiring extra attention to ensure it offers the needed comfort and convenience. Most modern houses feature an open kitchen layout. There are good reasons for this, mainly since the arrangement facilitates smooth traffic flow. There won’t be congestion in the kitchen, even during those busy mornings when everyone wants to hurriedly grab the breakfast and head out for a busy day ahead.

The open facilitates proper efficiency and functionality of the space, from preparing meals, including when teaching your little ones, doing the dishes, and access to appliances like the fridge. Don’t be tempted by those superficial, flashy elements like new cabinet doors, knobs, and faucets, and forget to consider the layout and how it impacts your family’s use of the kitchen.


While a bathroom per family member could be impractical, it is essential to consider the number and how it affects the stay. No one wants to wait for one person to take a shower or use the toilet as you rush to ensure you aren’t late for that critical meeting. Multiple bathrooms can help, and as few as two could be enough. One in the master bedroom and another for your kids could suffice.


Ideally, a master bedroom and one for each child is a great house. Nonetheless, following your budget, you can use fewer bedrooms. For instance, younger kids can share a bedroom until an appropriate age where they need private space, especially considering their gender. Moreover, you need extra space that can be turned into a guest room if you regularly host guests.

Square footage

Every inch counts; the last thing you want is a house that seems crowded. An ideal house provides enough space for a smooth traffic flow from storage space to furniture arrangement. Enough space helps you remain organized, unlike a limiting house that could look cluttered even with the most petite furniture and practical arrangements. Consider your family size and the furniture needed for a comfortable stay, and pick a house that can accommodate their needs without feeling crowded.


Even those seemingly small apartments offer some outdoor space for your family. Nonetheless, it would be best if you considered the safety. This is since you don’t want your kids wandering out while keeping in mind that spending the whole day indoors is not as healthy. Safe outdoor space, including measures like fences, makes the house ideal. This is also considering pets. With a safe outdoor space, your kids can enjoy enough physical exercise as they have some fun, including playing with pets.

Given your situation, you can consider other special needs, for instance, a home office space. Today, remote working is gaining traction, and you might be considering joining the bandwagon. With such in mind, you need a space for the office. This needs to be away from distractions such as the TV and kids playing, to mention a few. You might also want a play/entertainment room or adult space for some alone time. Here is the bottom line; every family is unique. Nonetheless, while there is no one-size-fits-all, the above standard features are a must-consider, ensuring every family member feels at home.