Upgrading to a Family Home: What Do I Need to Do?

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Having a home is a huge milestone in anybody’s life- and is an investment and achievement that takes months if not years of dedication, financial savings and self-discipline. Once you have your home, most people intend on upgrading to a house that is bigger to accommodate the prospect of a growing family. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled a small guide on how to upgrade to a family home- including tips you can take to make the most out of your future perfect family home. 

Invest in High-Quality Furniture:

If you’re thinking about upgrading your home to a family property, then the first step is to begin investing in high-quality furniture. Arguably, furniture is the most important aspect of the home, and plays an integral role in how your house appears and also functions. A huge aspect of making a property a family home is to ensure that there is comfortable furniture around the property- as your children are more than likely going to be unwilling to sleep on a bed that is uncomfortable or on a sofa where they can’t relax properly.  By improving the quality of furniture in your home, you can make your home not only feel more comfortable, but you can improve the aesthetic of your home too. 

Make Sure Your Home is Personalised:

Sometimes, there is a huge focus on ensuring that our home looks so appealing- and sometimes it can come across as a tad ‘show home’. An easy way to make your home appear more comfortable, livable and that there is a family dynamic in there is to add personalised touched to the home. Aside from family photographs and portraits, including artwork designed and created by either yourself or your children is a great way to bring a familial and homely element to the property. Additionally, the artwork in your home doesn’t have to look childish or messy. If placed in the right kind and style of frame, artwork can tend to look unique and chic- but this will also add a touch of glamour to the property. 

If you are renting your property and can’t hang things on the wall, then you can use adhesive tabs or a hanging solution that is non-permanent. This way, you can still add personalised touched to your home!

Storage is Your Best Friend!

When your home begins to accommodate children and a growing family- then storage is going to inevitably be your best friend. Children come with a huge amount of belongings- including toys, games, books and other various activities. As you are going to need a lot of storage space, it’s important to try and pre plan this beforehand. Popular in most family homes are built in storage wardrobes, and small cubbies which are different sizes and can store various items in.

Ensuring Your Home is Clean and Free of Clutter:

With or without your property being family orientated, its vital that you keep your property clean and free of clutter. Children are usually very messy and sometimes exist in a whirlwind of chaos- leaving behind a wake of toys, clothes and gadgets. Although it can be tiring to keep clearing up after your family, it’s important to do so for many reasons. Firstly, a clean house is more beneficial for our health- as it reduces the amount of bacteria and dust in the home- which is better for our allergies and breathing quality. Additionally, studies have shown that a cleaner living environment is better for our mental health- as clutter can make reduce our feelings of tranquility in the home and reduce feelings of calmness and relaxation. 

A great way to encourage a clean home is to perhaps create a cleaning routine or schedule for your family to stick to. This way, you won’t feel as though the cleaning in your home is a task that falls solely on one person, and you can distribute cleaning chores easily amongst family members.

Make a Space for Family Time:

Nowadays, most homes are open plan- and because of this, sometimes it can be hard to designate specific rooms that are functional for family time in the home. Although modern homes are beautiful, they don’t include a ‘formal’ way of living- which are usually necessary for a family home. Try to create a communal space that is designated for your family to spend time together in. And a few things to consider when creating a designated family space, include:

  • Does the space have comfortable seating?
  • Is there a good amount of natural light entering the room?
  • Are you able to keep an eye on your children while they are in this room from other parts of the house?
  • Is there storage in the room for things such as games and books?
  • Is the furniture in the room upholstered? Children tend to be extra messy (especially around food!), so you may want furniture surfaces that can be cleaned. 


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