5 Tips To Bring Your Family Together With Custom Phone Skins

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If you’re planning new phones for any family members for the holidays, consider ordering matching phone skin images that offer special meaning to all the members of your family. This image can include a photo that is precious to your family or even a photo you took while together.

1. Customize Your Phones With A Custom Image

Quality phone skins can be customized with a photo that means a lot to all of you. While it’s not a good idea to feature photos of your children in such an image, consider using a photo that you all remember taking. For example, you might share a wonderful photo that was taken on a vacation that meant a great deal to all of you.

It’s important to note that a phone skin will offer little protection for your phone in case of a drop or moisture exposure. However, a phone skin can lower the risk of theft. While it does take work and care to align your phone skin accurately, it will be tough to remove and may leave a residue. Anyone trying to steal your phone will have a hard time quickly removing the skin.

2. Consider Adding Text

Consider also adding custom text to your phone skin. You may want to avoid using your name, but it could be fun to use a family catchword or private joke on the skins that you and your family use.

While choosing the text to share, carefully review your font options for these images. you may need to submit an image with the text embedded to confirm the layout you want. If you use your phone for professional purposes, make sure that the text and the font that you choose will not be an embarrassment on a conference call or at a business meeting.

Finally, carefully consider the custom colors you order for your phone skin. Cartoonish fun may be effective for your children’s phones, but you want an image, text, and colors that will work in varied settings.

3. Avoid Names

As you avoid images of your children, take care not to place names on your phone case. Because cell phones are easy to steal, a phone skin with the names of your children or your pets, as well as your last name, could create risk for your family.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to avoid nicknames on your phone skin. Your grandchildren may happily call you Pop-Pop, but putting it on a phone skin could raise awkward questions.

4. Don’t Forget A Screen Protector And A Case

Whether you’re putting skins on new phones or providing a phone skin for a holiday refurbishment, make sure you also offer screen protectors to provide additional protection. These slim slices of protection are not costly and could save your family a great deal of expense and downtime.

If you’re big fans of a particular sports team, consider upgrading covers and skins to match your obsession. Check out local college bookstores or your favorite professional sports team swag to find just the right screen cover.

Once you’ve got the new skins and the screen protectors in place, add clear covers to protect the whole phone. While you can’t put these skins over a protective cover, you can find high-quality clear phone protectors that will reduce the risk of damage in daily use.

5. Other Gear

Fresh phones with new skins, protectors, and covers can be enhanced by other gear. For example, you can get

Consider also encouraging your family to fully utilize the tools that come with their phones. Offer them the chance to take classes to learn to make photos, take videos, or even manage a small business off their cell phones. If your older children are at all interested in investing, sit down together on a holiday break or a long weekend and install apps they can use to trade stocks.

No matter what you and your family need out of your phones, upgrading the exterior with a custom phone skin can do a great deal to remind one another of a wonderful outing or a fun event. Finish off the phone decorating gift with a clear cover and a screen protector before you go out to take more photos and videos of family fun.