How to Write an Argumentative Essay’s Body Paragraph

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An argumentative essay is a written work in which you must explore a topic and take a position on the issue at hand. Your goal as a writer is to convince readers to accept your point of view and the facts. This is a frequent task for high school and college students.


Most argumentative essay topics revolve around technology, science, health care, and politics. The most difficult aspect of argumentative essays is defending one of two opposing viewpoints without ignoring the other. Most such essays are written in question form.


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The forms of argument claims inherent in the thesis determine the quality of an argumentative essay. The type of argument claims you use should be related to your essay’s thesis statement. In general, you can employ five different forms of argument claims in your argumentative essay.


The first is a proven reality. You are stating if the topic’s statement is true or false. This is the most popular and often used argument since determining whether something is true or false is simple. The definition is the second sort of claim. What is your view of the essay’s theme, other than the dictionary definition?


The value is the third type of argument claim. What is the worth of what you are debating? That is the first thing you must consider before deciding to base your argument on the value. The claim of the cause-and-effect argument is the fourth. What is the reason for your disagreement?


Following the causes, you must clarify the consequences of the problems you’ve provided. Finally, there is a claim about the policy argument. This argument should be centered on why the reader should care about it and what they should do after reading your argumentative essay.




The ability to write a strong body paragraph for an argumentative essay is contingent on your understanding of the essay’s structure. That’s the only way to ensure that every aspect of your body is in sync. Assume you have no idea how the structure should be built! You can have an argumentative essay written for you by essay help website EssayAssistant. This online essay writing help service employs highly trained authors who are experts in their fields. This assures that the paper is of excellent quality and free of plagiarism.


There is a brief introduction. This is your argumentative essay’s first paragraph. You must explain the topic and provide background information so that the readers may grasp your viewpoint. You should summarize the evidence that you will offer and express in your thesis in this paragraph.


The first paragraph should be really appealing. Assume you’re reading a story with a lot of disconnected lines in the beginning. You’ll become bored. Right? It’s common to come to a conclusion without reading the rest of the tale.


After this comes the thesis statement. It is part of the first paragraph, but much attention is given to it. This section should be brief. One sentence is enough to explain your main point and statement. This is the most important section, even though it is only one sentence long. It sets the tone for the rest of the narrative. If you’re not good at writing theses, you can enlist the help of a thesis writer, who will make your job easier.


Another excellent thesis-writing technique is to state an argument and then refute it. That introduces a concept that contradicts your views and with which you immediately disagree. Finally, you might summarize your main ideas. It’s a powerful technique since it gives the reader a clear picture of all the various topics you’ll cover in your argumentative essay.


Then there’s the physical body. A typical argumentative essay’s body should not have too many paragraphs. It usually consists of three or more sections that describe the reasons you stated in your thesis.


The final section is the conclusion. It should be relevant to your thesis and sum up all of the points stated in the body. Stick to the notion of a thesis statement rather than incorporating additional data in the conclusion. You can use your anecdote to demonstrate how the topic impacts you personally.


Let’s get into the main topic of this post now that you have a fundamental understanding of the structure of an argumentative essay. Here are some pointers on how to write an effective body paragraph for an argumentative essay.



In their argumentative essays, most students overlook the paragraph structure, which is a major cause of poor grades when the results are announced. A paragraph usually follows a framework.


Body paragraphs should be written anyway. They should follow a pattern in order for the reader to understand your viewpoints easily. In general, your argumentative essay should be divided into three sections. The topic statement, image, and explanation are as follows.


Is it getting more complicated? No, of course not. But keep in mind that understanding what to write isn’t always the same as writing it. Your reason for writing is likely to make finding information simple. So, write down this framework and make sure you stick to it.




The thesis statement you utilized in the introduction should be the focus of your topic sentence. To make sense to the intended readers, it should include one of the five argument statements. It establishes the paragraph’s focus, and the rest of the paragraph must expand on the argument made in the topic sentence to make it more obvious.


The topic sentence is usually a declarative statement that states the facts at hand. Identifying the main idea in your piece of writing is one way to come up with a topic sentence for your paragraph.


When drafting the sentence, ask yourself why and what questions as you relate it to your main idea. In the topic sentence, you can make a transition. To write an effective topic sentence, you must focus down your information to the primary idea of the topic you are discussing.



Every paragraph should prove something. After you’ve established your thesis with the topic sentence, you’ll need to show how the information you’ve presented can be true or untrue. Why do you believe your topic sentence must be logical? Do not presume that the writer, regardless of their degree of education, will understand your topic sentence.


When illustrating your ideas, use research findings to strengthen the argument you’re trying to make. In your sentences, you can utilize examples, quotations, or several references from well-known publications.


Another factor that concerns you is the strength of your argument regarding known facts. Daily research is conducted, and things are always changing. As a result, the estimates made should come from a reliable source and be current.



The way you describe your arguments to make sense of the thesis statement is the foundation of a good argumentative essay. You’ve developed your thesis statement and supported it with various facts and sources. You must describe how your images relate to the topic sentence.


This is the last paragraph of your paragraph, and it should explain how the evidence presented in the essay connects to the topic at hand. Remember that the paragraph body is not a standalone component of the essay. The last sentence should refer to the following paragraph.



The argumentative essay’s body paragraphs should all be connected. They ought to be talking about the same issue. Whether it’s true or not, failing to do so will cause your work to lack a fluid flow of events.


Every piece of evidence should be thoroughly discussed in light of the research findings of the article in question. Within the body, there should be a logical flow, with paragraphs carrying complex principles at the bottom and those carrying simple values at the top.


A major fault in essay writing is the lack of logical flow. That is why it is even better to seek assistance from various websites. To make it more interesting, you can utilize classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin arguments. There should not be too many sentences in a paragraph to avoid redundancy. As a result, your work, like the score, will have a low level of reader involvement.



The body of an argumentative essay contains explanations and illustrations of how the topic sentence’s arguments operate. The body of an argumentative essay should be well structured. It must have a well-written topic phrase, as well as illustrations and explanations based on study findings. You should also be aware of the argument clauses that will be used throughout your argumentative essay.


We hope we’ve helped you a little with the task of writing an argumentative essay. After all, it’s one of the best ways to help you succeed in college and develop your own writing skills. By following our guidelines, you’re sure to get a high grade and cheer yourself and your teachers up!