8 Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Treadmill Workout

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Working out on a treadmill can feel overwhelming. You might get confused about the options that are available in it. If you are going through a similar situation, this article will guide you. Here I have discussed 8 tips to help you leverage the maximum benefits of your treadmill workout.

1. Choose a treadmill that works for you

Nowadays, there is an overwhelming number of treadmill options available in the market. Whether you are going for a manual treadmill or a compact one, make sure that you are comfortable. If you are still confused, you can try both and then pick one.

Motorized treadmills have a wide running surface with in-built speakers, pre-set workouts, and a foldable design. The main difference between the manual treadmill and compact treadmill is that the former is expensive, space-taking, and heavyweight whereas the latter is the opposite.

A compact treadmill is inexpensive, takes less space, and is lightweight. It is suitable for people who have a small place. So, make your pick according to your preferences.

2. Balance your machine level with your height

The treadmill should not be smaller or taller than you. It must be just right for your height. Make sure the sides are leveled with each other. A slight lean can result in a severe accident.

3. Place a mirror right in front of the treadmill

A mirror helps you to understand your body posture while you are on the treadmill. You can understand if your arms are creeping up or you are clenching your hands into tight fists or just wasting your energy by straining your body.

These pieces of information will help you to understand your body so that you can maximize your running efficiency. The more you are aware of your posture, the more you will improve.

Don’t forget to keep your head tall and your eyes up while running to get the most out of your workout.

4. Keep an industrial fan to challenge yourself

You can add wind resistance to your workout just by putting a fan close to the treadmill. This wind resistance training will give your body the feeling of running outside. So it can stimulate your brain and assist you in running.

5. Prepare your body for the run

Before starting any kind of exercise, make sure to let your body prepare itself. Otherwise, you can end up hurting yourself. Warm-ups help you to increase the heart rate so that blood can deliver oxygen to your muscle tissues in a short time. It boosts the body temperature and makes it ready for activities.

You can jog for 5 minutes at a 3-mph pace or you can walk on the treadmill. Then slowly raise the speed or the percentage of incline.

6. Set the incline

If you are a beginner, don’t use the incline setting without the proper guidance of a gym instructor. In case you are practicing on the treadmill for a month, keep the incline on 1-2percent to burn extra calories.

Try the break training method. In the first stage run for a certain time on the treadmill and do use the incline setting. Then take a break and start the training again. Don’t do it for two days in a row.

The incline training will help you to build leg muscles, improve your bone strength, and burn fats. Ensure that you are not spending extra minutes on an increased incline. Five minutes of an inclined walk is enough for a newbie.

7. Decide the time period

Determine the time for your treadmill training and follow it regularly to get the result. The trainer will tell you the exact time you need to spend on a machine depending on your experience.

8. Keep your hands away from the handrails

The main function of handrails is to assist you in getting on or off the treadmill safely. It is not there for keeping up your pace while exercising.

Sometimes holding onto handrails causes back pain, shoulder pain, and neck issues. It also decreases the effectiveness of your workout. Instead, maintain a straight posture where your head is up, your back is straight and your shoulders are leveled with the body.

Over to you…

Try joining your local gym and using a treadmill before buying one. That way you’ll be able to get your hands on it before making a hefty investment.