Kitchen Makeover Ideas You Can Try Without Breaking The Bank

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A fresh and new look for your kitchen can transform your mood and lifestyle. After all, it is one of the most important areas of your living space where you cook and have cozy family conversations every evening. You will probably want a flaunt-worthy zone for a guest who drops in to help with food preparation during the party. A revamp for the kitchen can also add to the value of your home if you plan to sell down the line. But the budget is often a concern for homeowners looking for a complete makeover. The good thing is that it is possible to invest in the project without breaking the bank. Here are a few budget remodeling ideas you can try for your cooking space. 

Stick to the existing layout

Moving walls, stripping the flooring, refitting cabinets, and pulling apart plumbing and electrical can be a lot of work. But a makeover need not be about changing the layout of your kitchen and starting from scratch.  It can cost a considerable sum, so you must ditch the idea if running on a tight budget. The truth is that retaining the current layout can get you a fresh look and more space without burning a hole in your wallet. A cosmetic makeover entails sticking with the basics and making superficial changes. Go small with the changes to create a new look on a budget.

Refresh the color

A fresh coat of paint is perhaps the simplest way to start a budget renovation project. Look for a bright and trending shade for the walls to lighten up a tired-looking space. You can pick contrasting hues for door and window frames. A floral wallpaper adds fresh vibes to your kitchen. Alternatively, you can create an accent wall with bright colors or contrasting tiles. Everything boils down to getting creative with the selection of paint shades for your cooking space. You can also bring in a pop of color with a cabinet makeover, new curtains, and bright rugs for the floor.

Install a kitchen island

You may have to spend a bit to create more space and functionality in your kitchen as your needs and lifestyle change over the years. A kitchen renovations expert can offer valuable recommendations to get the best of both worlds. Installing a kitchen island is one of the most popular ideas. It adds counter-top space, extra storage, and seating to your current cooking and dining area. However, you must have an adequate floor area to install the island. Let an expert assess your kitchen and suggest the best option to fit the current space and layout. 

Reuse whatever possible

Another money-saving tip for a kitchen makeover on a budget is to reuse whatever you can. Even when you strip the space and start afresh, you may retain several things because they are as good as new. Consider reusing cabinet handles, plumbing fixtures, and wall lights if they blend well with the new design. You need not discard a refrigerator or oven just because they look old and out of place. Give your appliances a scrub inside instead of replacing them if they are in good working order. Sprucing up old furniture is a good idea as you can refresh them with a coat of paint or a change of upholstery. The reuse and reduce concept goes well with the sustainability mindset and saves a massive sum during the project.

Get creative with decor

Besides investing in professional renovations, you can get creative with DIY decor for your kitchen. It adds a personal touch to your cooking space, and you can complete the makeover without spending big. Consider ideas like creating a gallery wall with family pictures or recipe frames. If you are a nature lover, you may even design a vertical herb garden on a wall or window sill. Display your favorite items in the corners, and add a finishing touch with some knick-knacks on floating shelves. The good thing about floating shelves is that you can create tons of extra space with these DIY fittings.

A kitchen makeover need not topple your renovation budget as there are ways to do more with less. You only have to be creative with your vision and clear about your budget to start with. Find a seasoned renovation expert to deliver the best without requiring a hefty expense. Also, embrace a sustainable approach and reuse and recycle old stuff to create a fresh looking and feel for your cooking space. Follow these tips to get impressive results.