Remodeling Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

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With home cooking becoming more popular again, and the activity becoming a hobby and a passion for many people, more time is being spent in the kitchen.


With this in mind, more people are buying different kitchen gadgets and tools than before. Recipe books are flying off the shelves, and Netflix is chock-full of cooking shows.


It stands to reason then that this new breed of amateur chefs should want the best kitchen they can have. Unfortunately, though, kitchens are expensive. New installations take planning and expertise, and it doesn’t come cheap.


Is there any way to give a kitchen a makeover without breaking the bank then? Can you transform your kitchen while sticking to a modest budget? Keep reading to find out. 

What is the cost of installing a new kitchen?

It is difficult to give a figure for a new kitchen installation as it can vary wildly. How much a kitchen remodel would cost will come down to a number of factors including the size of the room, the materials used, and the appliances being installed.


If you wanted to include one of the world’s most expensive refrigerators, the Meneghini La Cambusa, in your remodel then you will be looking at perhaps $100,000 in total. However, you could remodel a small kitchen for maybe $5,000.


Materials used in kitchens can vary a lot too. MDF is common in cheap prefabricated cabinets and worktops. Whereas a marble worktop would cost considerably more. 

What are the downsides to having a new kitchen installed?

One major downside to having a new kitchen installed is the impact it will have on the environment.


According to Rubicon only six percent of small appliances are recycled which means millions of tons of waste ending up in landfills and hurting the environment. Refrigerators in particular need to be removed carefully, disposed of thoughtfully, and recycled if possible.


This makes it desirable to keep as many of the existing appliances as possible when having a remodel. It is better for the environment in general to reduce waste, and it will also lower the cost of the remodel. 

Will a new kitchen help you to sell your home?

Many real estate agents believe that kitchens can help sell houses. Many people are put off purchasing a property due to small or outdated kitchens. This is true even when the rest of the house is ideal.


Part of the problem here is due to the cost of kitchen remodeling. Purchasing a home is already expensive enough without feeling that more cash needs to be found to install a new kitchen.


Therefore, a well-designed and presented kitchen can definitely help to sell a home. It will also in some instances help to push the value of the home up. Even simple changes to the kitchen can increase a property’s valuation.

Can you remodel a kitchen without having a large budget?

With the cost of a new kitchen in mind, the obvious question is, is there a way to do it cheaper?


A professional kitchen remodeler can help with new installations and designs, but also make some simple changes to the appearance of your favorite room.


There are many ways to improve the appearance and design of a kitchen without having a complete remodel, or spending large sums of cash.


Here below are some ways that you can use to change the look and ambiance of your kitchen. Some ideas will require a certain level of budget, while others can be used by anyone. 

Change your blinds

Simple but effective. Changing old blinds for new, brightly colored ones, can instantly give your kitchen a lift. You don’t need to stick to Venetian blinds either. You can install wooden shutters to give your windows a brand new treatment also. 

Reface your cabinets

This is a great way to completely change the appearance of your kitchen furniture without actually replacing them. Refacing involves removing the existing fronts of cabinets and replacing them with new ones. Your existing cabinet structure will remain, only the doors and fronts will alter.


The advantages of refacing are that you keep the existing layout, but you will change the appearance entirely. There are also savings to be made when compared to replacing the whole cabinet structure. You could also change the handles on the doors, or perhaps have them repainted. 

Repaint your cabinets

This does require a smallish budget to carry out because it really needs to be done professionally. To give the cabinets a proper coating and a factory-finished appearance, they need to be spray painted.


This involves special paint equipment plus ventilation and filtration. However, it generally only takes a few days, can be done on-site, and the results are impressive.


Having your kitchen cabinets repainted means keeping all your existing furniture but having the appearance completely changed. You can choose which colors you use, and once again you could change the handles too. This would give the appearance of new kitchen cabinets without spending a large amount. 

Use different colors to make the illusion of space

Badly chosen colors can make a kitchen appear smaller than it is, or amplify its problems.


This is one of those budget-friendly home upgrades everyone can try, as it largely involves a simple lick of paint.


Bright colors on cabinets and walls can make a room appear larger than it is. Using a dark color on the worktops can add the contrast needed, and create a sense of space. This simple change can transform a dull and dingy kitchen into something far brighter and happier. 

Add shelving or cabinets

Another fairly simple change that can be inexpensive depending on how far you take it. Simple shelving can add much-needed storage space, and room for decor.


Flowers or plants placed on these shelves will add life and color to the kitchen and help to transform it without making any major changes. Similarly, if you are short of storage then look at installing some cabinets. This however may be more of a costly change. 

Integrate your appliances with your storage

If you are planning a more serious change to your kitchen and a partial remodel, then you can utilize this idea. Integrating some of your appliances into the island, if you have one, will help to give a cleaner appearance.


There are some smart appliances that every kitchen should have, and placing them inside the structure of your island can make them even smarter. 

Change your lighting

These days kitchen lights don’t need to be restricted to those awful strip lights. Smart lighting can help you to introduce LEDs into the kitchen which are longer lasting and therefore produce less waste.


Smart lighting can be adjusted for brightness, and even introduce color and gradients. Overall, changing your lighting can alter and improve the ambiance in the kitchen without breaking the bank. 


Having a kitchen remodeled can be a lengthy process. It involves planning and designing and modifying those plans once again. Then the actual work begins and your home is in disarray for weeks. At the end of it all, your bank account has taken a pounding, although you may well have your dream kitchen in place.


Perhaps though, simple changes to cabinet faces and colors are a better option. They are certainly more budget-friendly, and could still give you the new look you want, all for a considerably smaller sum.