Smart Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have

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Smart Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have

We bet that a kitchen is one of those rooms in your house that is literally stuffed with different technological advancements, from smart refrigerators to ovens. This is not a surprise because technologies move forward and make our lives easier, taking the most of responsibilities and doing all chores for us. A smart home starts with a smart kitchen and it means that you should think about choosing the best gadgets that will save your time and help you cook delicious meals. With this in mind, we created a quick guide on the best choices of smart appliances that should be today present at every kitchen.

Kitchen gadgets for lazy cooks

Even though there are many jokes about smart homes, it doesn’t mean that a smart kitchen will be a bad idea. Smart kitchen devices are so good not just because they are connected to the Internet. They are good because they are helpful, innovative and can make your life much easier. Bringing tech into your kitchen, you receive such benefits as becoming a faster and more skilled home cook, monitoring the cooking process, and adjusting settings. We have rounded up the best options for your kitchen and present top smart gadgets that should be at your disposal today. If you are afraid to step foot into the kitchen and are bad at multitasking, this guide is for you:

1.    Coffee maker

Who can start a day without a cup of hot tasty coffee? We don`t know many people who can do without this morning routine, so we advise you to consider various types of grinders for the best columbian coffee beans before choosing a coffee machine. There are many options both for those who are not planning to become a barista and those who like playing with settings.

2.   Wi-Fi Electric Pressure Cooker

For around $150, you get a multifunctional cooker that connects to your smartphone, tracks the progress, and sends you an alert once the meal is ready. Such devices have thirteen smart programs activated with one touch so you can slow cook, bake, stew, and never go back to using your stovetop again.

3.   Sensor trash can

There is no cooking without trash, so this gadget is absolutely necessary for your kitchen. Just imagine that your hands are in leftovers of products, and you don’t want to make your furniture dirty touching it.  The way out is a smart trash that can be activated with voice or waving a hand over it. The sensor reacts immediately and opens the can to drop your trash easily.

4.   Smart toaster

For just $300, you can eat tasty two-slice toast every morning. Sensors help you customize the heating process based on a certain type of bread, and you can use a touch screen to select preferred crispness, shade, and other parameters.

5.   Smart chimney

Today chimney is an essential element in every kitchen to provide good ventilation. Many models come with a special smartphone app that gives you access to operating your chimney from anywhere. You will receive regular notifications to clean it on time, which is very convenient.

6.   Water purifier

Clean water is a must-have thing for cooking, so you should ensure that you have access to it. We offer you a smart water purifier that comes with its own smartphone app and shows data on the quality of water in real time. It will also notify you when it’s time to replace filters.

7.   Meat thermometer

For $44 at Amazon, you can buy a simple, smart model for your kitchen. How can it help? For example, it can alarm you when the meat reaches the required temperature. In the app, you can see the temperature changing in real-time and save your own cooking settings for your favorite dishes. It has an LCD display, and you can leave it in the oven for the entire time of cooking. It helps you get perfectly cooked meat just like you love it.

8.   Smart fridge

There is no modern smart kitchen without a smart fridge that can help you plan your meals. Of course, it will cost more than other gadgets, but it is also pretty useful. In addition to storing products, you can set notifications to always know when your food goes bad. You can see what is in the fridge when you are at work so you could buy something for dinner if necessary, and you can also share pictures and calendars on its screen. Moreover, with this screen, you can control other smart devices in your apartment using voice commands.

9.   Full-sized blender

This gadget will cost you around $600 at Amazon, but it’s totally worth it. With its help, you can prepare smoothies, soups, desserts, and other tasty recipes. The device can detect the size of the container and set blending time based on it. It will turn off automatically. Smart blenders have seventeen programs covering over five hundred recipes.