Simple Ways To Incorporate Technology In Your House: A Guide By Experts

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Humans are tool-using monkeys. We are not the only animals on Earth to use tools, but not every species of Great Ape can use tools. And no matter what anyone tells you, no matter how many birds use splinters to hunt bugs, no matter how many elephants use tall grass to floss, humans have better skills at implementing tools than any species ever.


And we call these tools “technology”.


Like all animals, humans have a few fundamental needs. Food and water are obvious ones, but shelter is harder to quantify. It is easy to think of it as a binary—you either have shelter or you don’t. But ask anyone who has lived in both a studio apartment and a home and they will tell you that some shelters are better than others. And technological shelters are the best of all.


So, today we are going to go over some ways you can use technology to improve your home.

Basic Appliances

Let’s start with the absolute beginner stuff. No single “basic appliance” is as important as the needs these appliances fill. And if you want to really push your home into the modern age, then it is best if you consider which needs are the most important to you and how to satisfy them.


The three needs that appliances fulfill are all conveniences: Cooking appliances, safety appliances, and hygiene appliances. You can probably already guess what some of these are. 


Cooking appliances are anything related to food, such as blenders and ovens. Safety appliances relate to keeping the people in the home from coming to harm, whether due to the weather or burglars. And then hygiene appliances are the tools used to keep your home clean.


But most people know of appliances that allow for these needs to be met. How do we push these appliances into the future? What technology allows these appliances to be better?

Smart Home Technology

The best way to enhance your appliances is by integrating them into a Smart Home system. Smart home technology is relatively new, but it has come quite far in a short time.

With a good earthlink internet connection to your home, for example, almost any appliance can be added to a smart home system, whether it is something meant for cooking, safety, or hygiene. Let’s start by going over how to create a smart home system out of your kitchen. This is where smart home technology got its start, so it is quite expensive.

Almost any appliance can be added into a smart home system, whether it is something meant for cooking, safety, or hygiene. Let’s start by going over how to create a smart home system out of your kitchen. This is where smart home technology got its start, so it is quite expansive.

Smart Cooking Appliances

For instance, you can start with having a smart oven, smart freezer, and smart dishwasher. All three of these appliances has tons of different smart features, but the basic functions of the smart versions of these devices are focused on making them prepare themselves faster.


What does that mean? Well, consider that ovens have to be preheated. A smart oven can be preheated remotely, and it can preheat itself much faster. It can also handle itself more efficiently by remaining turned off completely during periods of frequent non-use.


Freezers and dishwashers work much the same. The freezer will make ice either remotely or in advance. The dishwasher can be modified to work in a number of different ways, from starting its cycle early, to recognizing the dishes that are inside of it.

Smart Safety Appliances

But while smart home technology started in the kitchen, it quickly expanded out to one of the most important technologies for keeping your home safe: Home security systems.


The name “home security system” does not, however, totally describe itself. A security system is very different from a security guard. Unlike a security guard, your home security system is not looking to catch criminals or shoot anyone. Primarily, security systems are for scaring burglars.


Take the standard alarm. This is a device that would ordinarily turn on when you turn it on and trigger every time your front or back door opened. But a smart alarm can do a lot more. The most important feature it has is calling the police when it is triggered instead of going off.


But the biggest convenience it offers is the ability to program the alarm to go off only at certain times of day. This keeps it from being triggered on accident. If you want dynamic service like that, there is only one place to get home security in Houston – Smith Thompson.

Smart Hygiene Appliances

There are two main hygiene appliances in a person’s home: The vacuum and the air conditioning. You might not think of your AC unit as a hygiene tool but remember that it filters air in more ways than one. And there are a lot of ways an AC unit can be smarter.


For instance, if you already have a smart kitchen set up then your air conditioning can talk to your oven about cooling the house off whenever your oven turns on and heats it up. 


On the more conventional side of things, you can set up a Roomba automated vacuum cleaner to patrol on a regular basis, and then return to a charging station one it is done. You can even set it up to empty and replace its own dust bags if you have a compatible trash can.

Putting it all Together

In a dream scenario, you could have a truly automated house. An alarm clock could wake you up, which would be linked to your oven so that it preheated to make preparing breakfast easier. A graphic display on your fridge or freezer could tell you what a healthy food is to eat that day.


Your smart fridge can even order you groceries when it detects you are low on food.


Your home can be kept safe by an alarm system, cool by an atmosphere-detecting AC unit, and clean by a self-governing cleaning robot. All that is left is for you to do whatever you want with your time on this earth as your worldly needs are met around you.


Technology has always been humankind’s pathway to better livelihood. Using and incorporating technology into your house can be a pathway to greater efficiency and a cleaner lifestyle.