Giving Back To The Cats

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This Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for.  All of you are so amazing and I love seeing your comments on Facebook.  My beautiful babies, bring so much joy to heart.  I’m grateful for them and as always, so grateful for Watson.  I sometimes feel like it is a struggle to show Watson the same amount of love and affection as before the twins.  But everyday I try to make him feel special, and while this Thanksgiving will be a very different one.  I look forward to our tradition with him of feeding him extra gravy and letting him have a seat at the table.


We adopted Watson from a shelter in Arizona 6 years ago and since we have been in Oregon we have supported local animal shelters and their causes.  PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn, OR is such a place and I have been fortunate enough through my partnership with Purina to donate two palettes of Tidy Cats to them this holiday season.  I chose PAWS because it is a local non profit shelter that specializes in orphaned animals.  I believe in the work they do and in their dedication to educating pet owners and empowering them to handle the challenges and responsibilities of pet ownership.

You can find out more about Paws at and find out more about Tidy Cats, including finding the perfect litter for your cat at Tidy Cats.

All cats deserve to be fed loved and afforded good litter.  One of the things we always try to keep on top of is making sure Watson’s litter box stays fresh.  It’s easy to let it go sometimes taking care of the twins, but that’s when great litter really comes in handy.