5 Vital Steps to Take if Your Child is Injured at Daycare or School

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Image Source: Pixabay


The biggest fear most parents of toddlers at daycare or school have is getting the dreaded phone call that their child has been injured. Children play rough sometimes, and accidents happen, so parents should always be ready to deal with children’s injuries. However, it may be that your child is injured due to the daycare’s or school’s negligence. 


If you receive the call that your child has been injured at daycare or school, it helps to know what to do. The following are vital steps to take in that situation:

Seek Medical Attention

The first step to take if your child is injured at school is to ensure that they are okay. In most cases, first aid will do the trick; it is all about taking care of the wound afterward. Establishing various injuries with an eye test is challenging, so the best thing to do is take your child to the hospital. 


Have the doctors examine the severity of the injury and what treatment your child needs. If it is a severe injury, they may have to go to the emergency room, which can be terrifying. 


Health insurance for your family is essential for times like this. Only after you are sure that your child is okay should you do anything else.

Ask For An Incident Report

Getting medical attention helps to obtain necessary medical records in case you sue for compensation. You need records to prove your case, so your next step should be to ask the school or daycare for an incident report. 


Many states require schools and daycare facilities to write incident reports and provide them to parents upon request. The incident report outlines what happened according to the daycare or school. It will be the basis for any claim you make against the relevant institution.

Contact a Law Firm

You may not take further action if you find the incident report satisfactory. On the other hand, if you doubt the incident report’s validity, you should dispute it. Therefore, the next step after getting the incident report is to contact a law firm. Consulting a lawyer is vital as they will help you determine if you have a valid claim against the school or daycare. 


You should contact personal injury lawyers or a law firm that represents people who have suffered injuries where they were not at fault. The lawyer will be crucial in helping you get the facts of the case. The lawyer will help you investigate the matter and acquire evidence to help your case.

Report The Incident

Next, you should report the incident to the state authorities, specifically the school governance institution. They should know about any accidents at schools or daycare that lead to injuries. 


The state records any deficiencies the institution may have which might have caused the injuries. They also will take corrective action to ensure the same accident does not happen to another child. If the institution is unsafe, they may enforce its closure until they fix their mistakes.

File A Claim

If the accident was not the school’s or daycare’s fault, you could not sue them. However, if the injury to your child was because of the school’s or daycare’s negligence, you should file a claim against them with the state to get compensation. 


Your lawyer will be valuable in helping you file a claim and sue the institution. You might settle the case out of court, or it may go to court. Either way, you will benefit from the lawyer’s negotiation skills and legal knowledge.


Every parent hopes they never receive the phone call telling them their child has been injured at school at daycare. If you do get that call, follow the steps outlined above. You will have a great chance of holding the school accountable if you do.