Four Reasons to Get a Proper Fitting Bra

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If you have been noticing aches and pains in your upper back or ribcage area, it may not be due to ordinary strain, exercise, or age. When women say that a well-fitting bra can change your life, they aren’t lying. It could be time for a new bra if your cups are too big or small, your band is uncomfortably tight or moving up on your back, or your straps will no longer tighten properly. If you are noticing fraying or underwires poking into your skin, it’s definitely time for some new bras


You should be measured for a new bra at least once a year. It’s easy for your bras to stretch out or lose their shape, and it might not even necessarily be caused by weight loss or gain. We wear bras more often than we wear other types of clothing, and while they are designed to last, it’s good to get fitted for a new bra every once in a while. Bras are not just designed to look cute; they give us support and can even help improve posture and comfort. 


Getting fitted in-store for a new bra can be intimidating, and it can be even more intimidating to let go of the bras that are guaranteed to look good and offer optimal support. Unfortunately, even your most trustworthy bra will look worn out after a few years. It may be time to invest in some new bras and lingerie pieces. While getting your bra size measured in stores might not be fun, shopping for cute bras certainly is. 


Besides, it’s fairy easy to measure your own bust size at home. You can wear your favorite bra while you do this so you can compare your current bra size to your old favorites. Make sure the bra you’re wearing isn’t a push-up and start by measuring the band size. You should place a measuring tape directly under your breasts and measure all the way around near where your current band sits. Next, you will want to measure the bust size by wrapping the tape around your back and across your bust. Finally, the formula (Bust size – band size) is equal to your cup size. A difference of 1 is A, a difference of 2 is B, and so on. 


After you find a size that’s truly accurate, you can start shopping for sexy lingerie that hugs your curves as well as bras that will support you when you’re exercising or just chilling at home. Read on for ___ reasons why you need to find a bra that supports you and your beautiful body. 


Reason #1: You Want to Reduce Strain During Exercise

While improperly fitting bras are not directly linked to back pain, straps that are too tight or too loose can cause you to hunch your shoulders and worsen your posture. A band that’s too tight can also cause pain in your ribcage as it restricts your movement. 


A properly fitting bra is especially important during exercise. Sports bras are ideal for workout sessions, but sports bras that are too tight can actually restrict your movement and lead to more soreness after a workout. That’s why it’s so important to find a bra that fits properly and one that supports your bust when you’re running or jumping. You want to feel refreshed after a workout, not pain from back and neck strain.

Reason #2: Your Straps Won’t Stay

If your bra is old, it may have stretched out in the wash or lost some of its support. If your underwires are poking out or you find that your bra straps become easily twisted or even slip down your shoulders, it’s likely time to invest in a new bra. If you have poor posture or work from home, you might already have bad posture. Bra straps that are tight yet comfortable can actually help remind you to keep your shoulders pulled back.

Reason #3: You Have Decided On a Lifestyle Change


There are bras for every lifestyle and preference, and if you have become more involved in sports recently or have decided to embrace a more feminine style, you’re going to need new bras to match. According to fashion blog Elle, variety is key when choosing bras. You may want a few sports bras for workout sessions, bras with more glitter and lace for time with your partner, and t-shirt bras are perfect for lounge or office wear. 

Reason #4: You Need a Confidence Boost


Wearing an outfit that you love can really boost your confidence, but wearing a bra that you love can boost your confidence just as much. Wearing an ill-fitting bra can make you feel insecure, even in your favorite outfit, as you worry about whether it will sit right on your chest. Avoid that feeling by finding a bra that looks great with any outfit and feels even better.