Whole Foods: Toxic Trade In Events!

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toxic trade in
This is new information to me and if you guys are already aware of this program than please let us know about your experiences!  I have been so jealous of the cool Earthfare Boot Camp Challenges and here Whole Foods has something similar!
They have an event called the Toxic Trade In- where you take in a regular product and exchange it for an organic or all natural product!  So the catch is that the supply is limited- for the next Toxic Trade In at my local store they only have 50 products available but I still think this is a neat program and worth looking into for sure.
For my local readers, on Monday April 5th at 12pm you just head on in to Whole Foods, Roseville with any deodorant and exchange it for a Tom’s of Maine deodorant for free!
Then April 10th (Saturday) they are offering a trade in of a regular cleaner for a 365 Earth friendly cleaner!
Now, every Whole Foods store is totally different so you will need to check your local store to see if they offer something similar.
Here is what you do:
* Head over to Whole Foods and select your store by entering your zip at the top of the page.
*Go to your store’s homepage
* Click on calendar on the left side
That is where I found the info for my local store!  I just scrolled down and saw Toxic Trade Ins!  I also checked a few other random zip codes and saw similar events in MO and MI!  There are a ton of activities for the family that are free or very inexpensive so you might find a fun date night activity even if your store does not offer the trade ins!