Budget Savvy Diva’s HUGE GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA!! OVER $600.00 Worth of Prizes – MUST READ!!

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Soooo Guess who’s birthday it is tomorrow???

Well it is not me BUT Budget Savvy Diva the Site – it was yesterday a year ago that I sat down at my computer and started Budget Savvy Diva. In my wildest dreams I never thought it would grow so much in a year – I remember telling my husband how excited I was to get my first follower – now I am ending the year with over 30,000!!!

I wanted to thank all my readers for their love and support so I have put together a HUGE GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!!!

With over $600.00 worth of prizes!!!!

Everything from coffee sets to hair straighteners to plain old cash – sound pretty awesome right???


How to ENTER:

All the giveaways will be hosted on Budget Savvy Diva’s Facebook – so make sure to like me now so you can enter right away tomorrow. There will be a photo album – pictures of each prize – simply click on the photo of the prize you want to win and find the SIMPLE way to enter there. If you want you can enter every contest. The giveaway will last till the end of the month.

When WILL it START????

ALL Giveaways will start on March 23 – right at midnight!!!!!!!!


Remember to tell everyone about this giveaway ♥