Have YOU Checked Out Cardpool Yet

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One great option for gifts is gift certificates! However, how many times have you gotten gift certificate to places you never shop or restaurants that are not even in your state! Well I know I have and it is frustrating knowing I am letting it go to waste, well I found an amazing solution. And it is  Cardpool.

Have YOU heard of it??

You can easily sell  gift cards that you do not need and simply  buy gift cards that you DO need.

How frugal is that! Who would not love a discount gift cards.

I also love the fact that the website is really easy to work with – extremely user friendly. Everything is laid out for you – and only takes a couple of steps to snag that amazing gift card or sell your unwanted gift card

I know I will be using Cardpool for my future purchases and gifts. I took a peek and saw they they have Walmart gift cards at a discount, if you already know that you are going to be purchasing item their anyway why not increase your savings through using a discounted gift card. I also saw kohl’s gift cards and it got me thinking how about maximizing your savings by using the discounted gift card with store coupons – talk about saving some money!

Are YOU going to check out the site??


This is a sponsored post – but the opinions are my own.