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So saving money can be hard sometimes especially when traveling – all those costs add up like gas, food, and of course souvenirs. Well Budget Savvy Diva is here to help you out – I will be dishing all my best budget travels tips on planning and enjoying my  trip to Sea World in San Diego.

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In this article I will discuss how we saved money at Sea World.

1) Tickets:

Always do your research – I checked out the retail price – $69.99  ( icky)… When I know I have to make a high priced purchase I know that I will not be snagging it for free but I try and get a 20% discount or more.

So my goal was to snag the tickets at around $55.00 – still not great – but reasonable. With a goal price in mind I headed on in search for discounts.

Places I checked:

Costco – ( out of Sea World Tickets)

AAA – ( $60.00 per ticket)

Blah !!! Next I brought out my big money saving guns and went on Ebay – yep Ebay. I searched coupon and Sea World.

Found what I was looking for – 33% off coupon code – I always make sure the person I buy from has a good rating –

33% coupon code – cost $1.00

Snagged Sea World Tickets for $46.95 per person

Able to save 33% on amusement park tickets: priceless


Parking: I know I will have to pay for parking – it is one of those things you have to pay – I could not snag a discount and cost $12.00 🙁



No problem bring food into the park — it also seems that no one else had a problem either — check out how we tried to save on food at Sea World





What is a must see and what is a must miss:

I really loved Sea World. It is a fairly large park — so plan your day. To avoid the crowds I found going in a counter clockwise pattern is most ideal – starting with the Wild Artic, then Penguins, and so on… This way by mid day you will reach the dolphin show ( must see ) but you have missed the crowd from the first show – and by the end of the day you will end seeing the Shamu show  + you will miss the crowds – because most people had already seen the show. This is what worked for me and I hope it works for you 🙂

I also really enjoyed feeding the Sea Lions – 5 fish for $6.00 🙂 But how can you say no to a face like that?????


$10.00 and Under Store:

Most of the items in the park are over priced… including merchandise… They have a $10.00 and under store in the park which I thought was nice for people who want to buy something but cannot drop large amounts of money. My hubby bought me the cutest penguin bank ! It was $9.95

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  • Stacey

    I watched your video and wow, that was expensive for food. I`ve been to Disneyland and I found food finds much cheaper. I assume it would be similar to Disney World. Looks like the day at Sea World was fun nonetheless. 🙂 New follower on GFC!

  • KJ

    Here’s how we save at Sea World. We are a family of four (2 adults and 2 kids). We bought 1 Adult Annual Pass for $100, 1 Adult Fun Card for $60 and 2 Kid’s Fun Cards for $50 each so the total was $210. A Family Pack of 4 Single Day tickets would have been $190 (4 x $47.50). The Annual Passes and Fun Cards allow unlimited admission for a year. This way you can go as many times as you wish during your vacation. The reason to pay extra to buy 1 Adult Annual Pass for $100 is that the Annual Pass gives you FREE parking PLUS a 20% discount on in-park food, merchandise, Dine With Shamu and Sesame Street Breakfast. The Annual Pass will also give you 10% off of the Animal Interaction programs. So if you plan on doing Dine With Shame, Sesame Street Breakfast or ANY of the animal interaction programs you will MORE than pay for the “upgraded” pass in savings. It’s great that Sea World allows you to buy only one “upgraded” pass and use that “upgraded” pass to get all the discounts. Added plus: put the “upgraded” pass in Dad’s name and he’s the one who has to go through the food line to get that 20% off. You also get to download Shamu Rewards coupons that you can print and use with your pass for a FREE tray of fish and a FREE drink (coupons can vary). Check it out!