Markup Monday’s: Gourmet Cheese

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Another Monday means – we discuss markups here at Budget Savvy Diva –

Markup Mondays – where we take a look at one type of product and the % of average markup. Markup is the amount of cost that is placed on a product after the cost of ( production, transport, advertising; ingredients). Make sure to come back every week – some will shock you – it will really be difficult to pay the retail price of some of these product again. To find all the Markup Mondays – go HERE

This week:
Gourmet Cheese 

Markup: 50%

You’ll spend 50% more by buying this in the deli section of the grocery store as opposed to the dairy section. To save some doughthe deli and heading straight to the dairy section, where you’ll often find the same varieties of cheese. Blue cheese that’s $16 a pound in the deli section is often $6 in the dairy section,