McDonald Exposed: Want Raw Chicken with Those Fries?

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I posted this article earlier in the week – but I know a lot of y’all missed it  🙁 – I totally want to know you thoughts about it


This article and experience is from Bebellies Bargains make sure to show her some love

Last night, my hubby, child and I were on our way back from our stay-cation:) when we decided to stop at McDonalds for a quick dinner… as an aside, we very rarely eat McDonalds, this was a splurge of sorts. We ordered a large 5 piece chicken select meal and a separate 3 piece chicken select.
The order was produced in typical McDonalds fashion, thru the window, then off we drove. We still had about 45 minutes left until we were home.
I opened the 1st box of chicken, took a small bite and thought the chicken tasted a bit “off” so as most of us would do, I took another bite…. ya know, to see:) The chicken was ‘gummy’… I spat it out and looked closely as it was dark, realizing then that the chicken was RAW!!!!

By this time, we were already near the next exit, when we saw another McDonalds sign so we stopped, once inside I could clearly see that the chicken was completely pink in every….. single…. piece! All 8 were raw!!!! At this point, I had tears in my eyes because I seem to tear up when I’m angry….
I went to the counter, waited for an employee while overhearing and watching the guy in front of me throw his order onto the counter and complain that his burger was supposed to be a double…. anyway, I showed the girl who got her manager by stating “Miss Keri, this chicken is straight up RAW!!” then she looked at the guy who had been complaining and said “THIS is a reason to throw your food down”… I put this exchange in because as angry as I was, this made me smile:)
I showed Keri the chicken, she was super apologetic and disgusted. She offered to make new selects for me and did. While waiting for the new meals, she called the other store to let them know they are serving RAW chicken.
I have to say that Keri was awesome, best customer service, hands down.

Flash forward to today…. I called the offending store, explained the issue and the Manager knew NOTHING of the incident!!!! Nothing! Zip! Zero! Nada!!!! This infuriates me to no end! This is a HUGE health violation, you could kill someone by serving RAW chicken. The least this management crew could do is pass along this information!
Anyhow, Luis (bad McDonalds manager in Ybor City, Florida) had no idea how to handle my call. He took my name, number, date of birth. He made no indication that he would check up on my health, like for e-coli poisoning or worse….. so I called McDonalds customer care, which is closed on the weekends, I marked the message I left as urgent and haven’t heard back. I probably won’t hear back until Tuesday, sadly.
Why am I telling you all this? Well mainly as an Aha! Moment. Check your food… no matter how tired and hungry you are, no matter how dark it is…. CHECK YOUR FOOD!!! McDonalds is a MAJOR corporation and should not, by any means, be making a mistake as deadly as serving RAW chicken!!!

What’s the outcome you ask? Well….
I will pursue this further as I am livid that my and my family’s health was put into jeopardy.
Look for for future posts as I will keep you updated on the results.


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  • wendy

    First off, you can’t get ecoli from chicken. And second, I think she’s over reacting. She acts like that McDonalds served the entire eastern hemisphere raw chicken strips when it was most likely only her order. It was probably an accident that was remedied by the other McDonalds.
    For this reason, I always check my chicken before I eat it and she should have done the same. I got a raw chicken sandwich from KFC about 2 years ago and didn’t nearly freak out this bad.

    • Rachel

      Oh my goodness. That is scary, considering you most certainly can get ecoli from raw chicken. Even if the other McDonalds replaced your food the first one should call you back to let you know they are making sure not to give anyone else rawchicken.

    • Bri Wusstig

      Yes but, what if her young child ate these strips and didn’t realize there was anything wrong with them and then got ill?? I think she has the right to be upset not to mention that lack of communication between branches. It’s just poor service.

        • Kourtenay

          I’m with Merilee on this one. Had it been MY child who ate this..I would have been fuming too!
          It isn’t that all Mc Donalds serve undercooked food..I’ve never experience THAT in all my years. However, it’s out responsibility as consumers to bring it to the attention of management so they can make sure they don’t make a ton of OTHER people sick.

    • Karin

      Seriously, Wendy? Do you not even have Google to verify your “facts?” You can most certainly contact e-coli from poultry (and last time I checked, chicken IS poultry). Not only do I completely agree with how she feels AND reacted, I think she might have been too kind about the situation.

      Perhaps the “entire eastern hemisphere” wasn’t served those raw chicken strips, but her family WAS. Even having one person get sick would be way too many. And for them to seem to throw her concern (and warning to others) away is not only insulting to her, but it is inexcusable to their customers as a whole. I’m sure if you’d eaten your raw chicken sandwich, heads would have been rolling.

  • Sara

    OMG!!! How horrific! I surely hope that you are ok, healthwise. I run a restaurant and was sued about 7 years ago for serving raw chicken, luckily we have insurance so we were able to stay open but we lost…. we didn’t even fight hard. It was our fault! I’m very empathetic to your story!!!!
    As for….
    Wendy, did you read her entire article? The last 2 paragraphs say to check your food. That was the point of her whole story.
    And you can absolutely get ecoli from chicken as well as salmonella.

  • Arline

    WOW! I hope that you are still ok, and not sick…you would be sick in the first 24-48 hours. And to Wendys comment…this is such a big deal to have a food chain not even take note of it, and your right you cant get e.coli but you can by all means get salmonella!! I work in the health care field and am sooo disgusted by this post, years ago i also worked in food and could not believe what i had read!! I hope that there are some sort of ramifications to the McDonald’s…id even be inclined to call the health department!

  • Sara

    Wow! I hope you are ok! Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely check my food from now on:) point taken!
    And yes, you are right, you can get ecoli and salmonella from uncooked chicken.

  • Jen

    I have gotten raw chicken on my salad before at my McDonalds.. they always give me another salad with a new piece of chicken! ~this has happened twice in about 5 years~

  • Bri Wusstig

    You should contact your local news station – they love doing stories on things like that! Too bad you didn’t take a photo of the chicken.

  • angie

    I thought they served it pre cooked also. Or it looked that way when I was a teenage and worked there in the early 2000’s anyways lol

  • Candace

    I hope you’ll be okay. I will definitely look at my food much closer than I used to. Can’t wait to get a follow up to see how McDonald’s is handling this situation. I wonder I you can call the health department and make them aware for others who do not check their food or their children’s; especially the young toddlers. Thanks for this article and exposed McDonald’s; not sure I want to purchase food from them again.

  • Wendy

    i’ll retract my statement about raw chicken and E coli. And of course I read the entire article…I meant check your food BEFORE you scarf down two bites of it–not when you realize it tastes funny.
    It wasn’t the whole chain not taking notice of the issue. As of right now, it’s one store and she hasn’t even heard from McDonald’s Corporate to see how they are going to remedy the situation.

  • debbie

    I actually got campylobacter jenji from an Asian restaurant. I thought I was going to die- literally. You or your children never want to catch this. Always check all chicken.
    I was once served a completely raw hamburger at McDonalds. My father was dying of cancer (he passed not a week later) and I was extremely stressed out. When I finally realized it, I had aten half of the burger. They apologized, but I will never forget it.

  • CC

    Good luck with getting any response from McD’s. The best course of action would have been to KEEP the offending chicken and go directly to the health department.

  • heather

    When they served a cooked crispy chicken head the whole world knew about it…When the lady sued over her hot cup of coffee spilling into her lap the whole world knew about it. Neither of which were as serious as eating raw chicken.

  • Brandi

    I have had so many bad run ins with eating out and I wonder why I even still bother! I mean honestly….I have had what was about a hand full of hair in food at jack in the box, rancid sweet tea that make me instantly throw up from McDonalds, got food poisoning from Taco Bell, and so on…… I think I would just be better to eat at home for good from now on! I am DONE eating out and this story confirmed it because honestly my 3 yr old gets nuggets and I dont check them…..I would hate myself if she got ill, or worse died, from eating raw chicken!!!!!

  • Jill

    I’ve had so many bad experiences with McDonalds that we don’t ever go there. Especially with the play places. Employees not concerned with the presence of urine, dried on vomit, blood inside the playplaces. I watched a child with a bloody foot leave blood in a tunnel, then the employee didn’t want to bother cleaning the area. A girl peed her pants, no one concerned to clean it. Dried vomit, no one emptied the kids out for over 10 minutes. Disgusting. And the Frankenfood…. when a McD French fry can sit under a car seat for a year and still look exactly the same, how long will it take to break down in your body???? Please keep your kids away from that place. They have NO concern for your health or safety. Well, only enough to legally protect themselves. Please make good dining choices for the well being of you and your family.

  • Denise

    Next time, don’t bother to go back to McDonald’s. Save the food, receipt/documentation, and take a picture of the food. Save copies of everything for your records. Then, call the state Department of Health and report the restaurant. In my experience, they will send someone to your home to take a report and take the food with them (keep the food stored in the refrigerator or freezer to keep from spoiling, depending on when they will send someone out). After their investigation, they will send you a copy of the report. They will handle the situation.

  • kelsy

    I currently work in food at this company’s major competitor. I am disgusted at this story! But I also can admit that mistakes can be made. Some people are simply un-trainable. I am by no means defending that mcdonalds and I whole heartedly agree that you should always check your food. Please remember though, that the people serving you your food are in fact human, just like you. They don’t mean to hurt you!

  • Jamie

    I used to be a meat inspector so the person who said you can’t get ecoli…is VERY WRONG! Please know your food smarts people. i agree with and thought first thing what if i had given that box to my child??!!!! They wouldn’t know to tell me..we as mother’s usually say to eat your food!
    Mistakes can be made as we are all human; however, if the store manager wasn’t aware of the situation…they could lose their job if it was a larger incident than just one customer and it wasn’t handled. I wouldn’t throw my food down, but i respectfully back her calling customer service… glad no one got very sick!

  • monica

    We had the same thing happen to us at a Mcdonals in Dickson tn No apology or nothing I hate Mcdonals The chicken was raw

  • Barb S

    OMG, I cannot believe this happened…but again, maybe I can. You need to pursue this with McDonalds headquarters. These are franchises that really can hurt their business, not to mention getting people sick. Consider contacting the health dept in that city also. This really needs to get checked out. Unfortunately, I do not get chicken at any restaurants anymore. I have had undercooked chicken too many times. Sorry, I don’t like pink chicken. But now I have another reason NOT to go to McDonalds. Even when we are on the road, I don’t stop there. Just does not agree with me at all.
    And for those that say she is overreacting, you are VERY WRONG. This NEVER should have happened! I worked at a fast food place years ago, believe me when the health dept comes in because someone (a nurse) ended up in the hospital due to food poisoning and it comes from your restaurant, it is not a good feeling, that is if you have feelings.

  • Cynthia Davis

    My husband have had the same thing happen to him he bought some sort of Chicken wrap and took a bite and it was RAW he had to take it back to the counter and they made another one he did the same thing thinking they made sure it was cooked all the way. It was the same way. He took it back up there and demanded to speak to a manager and told them what had happened. He made it himself but my husband felt too sick to eat it. Because he has a weak stomach and just thinking about it made him sick so he made sure it was cooked and we brought it home. I think they could have made it up to us somehow and possible fixed something else for him since they messed up so much.

  • Katie

    Hi there, I just finished reading your blog, and I wanted to reach out to you. I am very sorry the store follow up was not satisfactory, I’d like to look into this issue, if you shoot me an email, or you can reach out to me on Twitter (@Kty_McD) I’d be more than happy to help.

    McDonalds Customer Satisfaction

  • shelley

    I brought 3 chicken strips from mc ds 2day I took bite and it didn’t taste right I eat the 1 but I knew somethink was not right now I’m feeling sick

  • Laura

    Yes it is possible to get E. coli from eating undercooked/raw chicken. But it is more likely that you would get Campylobacter or Salmonella…both can be just as serious as an E. coli infection (there are many serotypes of E.coli, some more causing more serious illness than others). It is most certainly SERIOUS matter and BSD did not “overreact.” In immunocompromised people, the very young (ie, children) and the elderly, these bacteria can cause very serious, potentially life-threatening illness. There are strict guidelines for food storage and preparation, and that McDonalds obviously not serious about enforcing proper food prep and handling practices.
    Which brings me to why I found your blog…today a McDonalds served me raw chicken selects at the drive through. I swallowed one bite before I realized they were undercooked. I did not have to time to go back to complain because I has already spent the majority of my lunch hour waiting in line and due to the nature of my work I HAD to be back at work at a certain time. So I have pictures of the food, the receipt, and the raw Selects are sitting in my freezer–ready to be cultured and used as evidence if I do get sick. I will sue if I do get ill.
    Advice for anyone else: if this happens to you, if you have already eaten some of the offending food make sure you keep the rest (store in fridge or freezer is better). If you do end up getting sick, make sure you go to the doctor and have a stool culture done, and have the food cultured for enteric pathogens as well. That is the only way to prove (in a court of law) that you got sick from that food, if they isolate the same bacteria from the food AND you (via your stool). Food bourne illnesses are reportable to public health agencies.

  • Emily

    Today me, my sister, and her friend went to McDonald’s. I got a chicken select and her friend got a 20 piece mcnugget. All of my selects but one were pink. We even had to pull into a parking space and wait for our food to cook. My selects were raw, along with all of her nuggets. We didn’t notice until we got home, so I ended up throwing mine out while she ate all of hers and didn’t notice until the last one…