NEWS: Budget Savvy Diva is NOW A DealPro for

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So the BIG Announcement  is that Budget Savvy Diva is now a DealPro on! launched the Savings Pledge this summer. The goal is to get people to pledge to save money . The pledge can be for as little or for as much as you want – and will help you get to your goal

The pledge goal is $20,000,000 to be saved and they are ALMOST there $19,091,507 in the pledge bank.


Have you made the pledge yet???

Well someone you now has 🙂

Budget Savvy Kitty - "Watson"

That is right!!! Watson is planning on saving $5.00 weekly so he can save up to buy treats 🙂 He would love if you all took the pledge as well!!!

This is what Budget Savvy Diva Readers Should Do 🙂

1)Go to and sign up – there are TONS of Coupons and Deals – plus you will be following me on if you GO THROUGH THIS LINK

2) Go to the facebook page and you should see the Savings Pledge and make a Saving Pledge

3) Pat yourself on the back for being so AWESOME + start saving money 🙂