Frugal Craft: $.75 Pasta Jar

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Who would think that this use to be a Pringle Can! ( well technically it still is 😉 )

Took only 5 minutes to make!!!

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Here are the materials I used

I did end up using a small green piece of paper not shown

What You Need

Clean Pringles Can – FREE

1 Sheet of Scrapbooking Paper – ( ONLY $.55 at Michael’s)


Hot Glue Gun – ( $.20 )


FINAL COST – $.75 !! Not To Shabby.

How to Make It:

1) Take The Pringles Can And Your Sheet Of Scrapbooking Paper use hot glue and attach the paper to the can then roll the can so the paper covers the can fully as seen below

When the paper meet each other glue the paper to the can 🙂

I took a small piece of a different color paper and I attached it to the can as you can see below

I then took a small piece of green paper and wrote “Pasta” ( You can print this out if you like) and hot glued it to the can

Finish Product is below

I was inspired to do this pasta container by The Hazel Broom