Brita NOT Honoring $10 Mail-in Rebate

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This is what happened. Brita wanted to sell more units so they came up with rebates and coupons – well someone did not do their homework and see that money makers could be made by pairing the coupons and rebates together.

$5 Money Maker Brita Pitcher Deal at Walmart – This was the post I made about it

Once Brita found out they pulled the rebate form from their site. Well now it looks like they WILL NOT honor any of the rebates forms with the reason simply being because they do not want to dish out the money. They had originally indicated that they would honor the rebates already sent in but they have now retracted that claim. I am so sorry for this to be happening y’all. The rebate was for the right product the rebate does not expire until 3/31 the only reasoning why it would not be upheld is the fact that they did not plan on people pairing coupons with their purchases.

What do you think about Brita’s actions?

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