Budget Savvy Diva Reader Was Chosen For A House Party

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Look what Reader Jennifer sent in!

She was chosen to host a house party – I have posted about them a few times — Look for parties HERE.

She will be hosting a Your Day, Your Way: Pull-Ups House Party

She received

  • (1) Pull-Ups® Coupon for host
  • (14) Pull-Ups® Potty Dance Sticker Sheets
  • (14) Pull-Ups® Potty Training Success DVDs
  • (14) Pull-Ups® Potty Day Dance Instructional Mats
  • (14) Pull-Ups® Potty Dance Progress Charts
  • (14) Pull-Ups® Potty Dance Door Hangers
  • (14) Pull-Ups® Potty Dance Inflatable…

If you ever hosted a house party please comment about it in the comment section.


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  • Michelle

    I have hosted 2 House Parties from HOUSE PARTY!…I’ve hosted a Chef Boryadee party and also a Glade party. I love the free things I get to keep. My guests loves the coupons and the party activities that are mentioned in the packages. I would recommend people on signing up for this program. Its not guaranteed you will be chosen but its always good to try and apply!!

  • Maralea

    I got chosen to host the Zatarain’s Mardi Gras House Party! My party pack included Recipe Cards, Coupons, 1 box of Zatarain’s Beans & Rice, 1 box of Jambalaya Mix, Bottle of Creole Mustard, Creole Seasoning, Root Beer Extract, a Hot Pad and a wooden spoon!

  • Kelli

    I am hosting a pull ups party on the 18th! I love the package! And I love that I got manufacture coupons and target coupons for pull ups! $4 off when combined!

  • Theresa mcginn

    I have hosted a Febreeze and a Philly Cream Cheese party..both were great, I received a Green Sauté Pan, that I love!

  • Tina W

    I was chosen for a cookie exchange party. It was too close to the holidays, so it is going to be awesome next holiday season. I had never heard of it before. Really excited to start this annual tradition with my friends and family. I received 15 cookie gift boxes,15 recipes packs, coupons, 2 bags of Hershey’s kisses, 2 bags of p-nut butter cookie mix, a package of sugar cookie mix and a jar of Hershey’s cocoa powder. It just came in the mail (never let me know I won) It was super exciting!

  • johana torres

    i have hosted a lot of parties from house party.. it is an amazing web site!!! and of course a PULL UPS house party too!!!!

  • Trisha Kuster

    I’ve hosted House Parties before and I too was chosen for the Pull Ups party! 😀 My almost 3 year old was EXCITED beyond belief about “earning” a guitar by going potty on the toilet. He was so excited today about it that he peed 5 times on the toilet and stayed dry for the whole day (even during nap time!!) which is a total first for him. 🙂

  • seana

    I have a done quite a few of the house parties. I did the Margaritaville Margarita Make one. Free Maker, tons of extras- I guess it was over $500 worth of products. Gevalia coffee with book party. Ton of coffee. Hershey Bliss and Hershey Cacao parties. Friday Night Lights party. Sargento salad and potato starters party. Thai food party. There’s a couple more I am forgetting about. They’re a lot of fun and you get to try new products.

  • seana

    Ah, Digiorno pizza party. Came with tons of coupons for free pizza and coupons for my guests. Also a cute apron and pizzza cutter.