Update on Twins Potty Training

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I actually have an update that is not me crying in a corner because the twins will not pee in the potty.

I did read that twins tend to be more difficult – and boy was that the case. Gwendolyn was the main issue – Lawson would be on board and she would literally tell him – NO DIAPERS FOREVER! Then he would not want to go potty.

We tried everything. Stickers, prizes, timed potty breaks for a good 6 months with no progress. Then one day it happened. Gwendolyn peed on the potty. This was about 3 weeks ago. Since then slowly they have been peeing more ( even pooping in Gwendolyn’s case).

We are to the point where they only need diaper cases after bed ( nap and morning). I am moving them onto pull-ups ( I am hoping only for a short time then underwear).

Seriously I have been SWEATING – I do not want to get to baby 5 and have 5 babies in diapers. But the outlook looks good! I bet I just jinxed it.